Who's going to pick their Macy's presale?

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  1. And what did you get?

    I am going to try to pick the bags up tomorrow. I bought a L'amore bella and a Pirata stellina.
  2. I got a pirata stellina :smile:
  3. i am going to pick it up tomorrow too.
    i got the famiglia dolce,luna, lamore bambino,lamore bambinone,spiggia zucca,pirata gioco, lamore bella, lamore ciaociao, and lamore gioco!! haha i am so excited!!
  4. wow! that's a lot of bags! did you get the 25 + 15 off? otherwise with just the 15%, that would still add up to quite a lot of $$$!!
  5. oh..I forgot , I got a lamore campeggio too!! haha..

    yes it was 25% and 15%

  6. dang kokebon thats alot! and you got a lamore gioco!? you're so lucky :] i'm picking up a lamore bella and a famiglia dolce :biggrin:
  7. wow kokebon.. lmao! on a toki fix eh??
  8. you will be getting tons of free $$ tomorrow!! i see you love lamore! :biggrin:
  9. I got 2 Lamore Zuccas. : )

    You guys are lucky you get to have yours tomorrow. I don't get to pick mine up, but it's supposed to be rung up and shipped tomorrow. I hope to have it by Monday next week. :smile:
  10. OMG kokebon :nuts: 9 bags?! That's awesome :biggrin:
  11. :amazed: wow kokebon... if I had money i'd do that too... alas I'm saving for SDCC so one bag that I've been wanting only for me
  12. kokebon: Wow that's a lot of bags; you must be loaded j/k. So you are going have two L'amore gioco and campeggio (I noticed that they are part of your collection already in your sig)?
  13. i am picking up the lamore baminone, pirata zucca, spiaggia BV and giocco, notte solid BV, and famiglia doce today. most i got 25% +15% off, but one or two i didn't get. dunno why and it's on the same receipt too. have to argue with them today when picking them up.
  14. I just picked mine up :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    Famiglia Zucca 25% + 15% off = $127 :woohoo:

    I forgot to get the qee though :shame: and just realized it's not on the bag. So for everyone picking up their tokis don't forget to check for the qee and if it's not on your bag, ask for one! :yes:

    I'm a little :confused1: too. My receipt that was attached to the Macy's bag says "Not a Valid Receipt" and the girl took the other receipt I had but that said the same thing...so I don't think I have a valid receipt :confused1:
  15. can anyone check to see if anyone can pick up the pre-order or does it have to be the person that made the pre-order?