Who's going to own up---

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  1. --to buying one of the Floral Madisons?

    Seems like these purses are the ugly stepsisters of this line :lol:

    Out of all the Coachies here someone must have bought it!!!
  2. I want it in the wristlet when i comes out @ our PX . A little pop of flowers is cool.
  3. In my humble opinion, the wristlet could be cute, but I am not a fan of the bags. And that's an understatement, lol.
  4. i got the ponytail scarf
  5. I actually really like the flowers, but not enough to buy one of those bags. IMO, they are a great pop of color, perfect for spring and a neutral outfit (uh oh, I may be talking myself into buying one of them . . . . kidding, I'm holding out for the gray floral Madison!).

  6. Yea with our discount I don't mind paying for it. But sometimes the PX can take so long to get the very current coach items. The Coach outlet gets it faster most of the time lol
  7. Pics? :smile:
  8. I know. our PX sucks for getting stuff. like anything..i guess because it has to travel so flipping far
  9. I actually like them, in a few years they will look pretty cool and retro like the last time they put flowers on the Hamptons line!
  10. I like the floral print, and the combination of green and purple flowers. It could be pretty if worn with the right outfit. I won't buy the bags though, because I really don't like the gold trim/handles.
  11. Yes the gold is what I'm wondering about. Is it really shiny?

    I think if Coach had gone with something besides the gold this purse would have been more popular.
  12. I agree with the OP - I'm so not a fan of this. I just see my sister's ugly bedspread (age 14, circa 1991) when I see the bag. Sorry to all the fans...
    Maybe in small doses it would be cute (scarf, wristlet), but the bags are a big NO.
  13. I actually like this line and plan to get something! I just can't decide which one to get!! That's why I'm hoping someone will post a pic!
  14. I do not like that bag at all. Maybe if it weren't trimmed in gold I'd like it better. I haven't paid attention to any of the other accessories.
  15. Oops, sorry, I guess I misunderstood your opinion by the tone of your question.