Who's going to get what!?

  1. Congrats and I can't wait to see your reveal. I wish the UK sales would start as early as overseas.
  2. In my current wish-list I have:

    Fold-up tote in green
    Doodle scarf
    Harriet satchel
    Foggy mini-Alexa
    Holiday Bays in blue
    Ice cream pin

    Now I write this the list does seem large! These are all things I have considered but didn't buy at the time as they were at prices I was not prepared to pay for bags that would just be for leisure and not for work!
  3. Looking out for grass green or plaster pink lily (or maybe both DH feels like splashing out for my sort-of-soon birthday ha ha). Also got me eye on the cookie bunnie keyring. So sweet 
  4. Crikey! Only in Edinburgh eh!!
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    I did tell you all I liked it - I didn't buy the full price one though....:p

    I'm thinking of pre-ordering the one like your Granny's carpet too.....:biggrin:
  6. My grans quite nifty with the old Singer, could knock you one up from the off cuts of her carpet?
  7. Deal - Mulberry have said they won't make bespoke any more - your Gran could do a roaring trade.....:smile:
  8. I'm sure she could - they couldnt be any worse than the hideous rubber/yeti concoctions M are offering this season! Please tell me you don't like the look of them too?
  9. Fantastic, please put me down for one....I do draw the line at rubber bags...though I'm sure someone will love them! ;)
  10. do bays ever go sale?
  11. Seasonal ones will if there is remaining stock, so this time will be the hot fuchsia, foggy and grass green.....:smile:
  12. what about plaster pink/fudge glossy buffalo/beige glossy goat?

    the beige glossy goat is really beautiful but it looks like color transfer could be an issue..