Who's going to get what!?

  1. Oh, :hugs:

    I'll be looking to see if that pale pink modal scarf's included and if it is it's mine ;)
  2. Ive just bought something in Oak ostrich from Bicester village at a reduction i needed a piece not too exp in oak ostrich as i adore it.
  3. Plastic pink? :lol:
    You mean plaster pink i like that more than the foggy grey.
  4. Ooh. A cookie lily or bays, any color, it they're still around by then... Or maybe just a lily in foggy gray :biggrin:
  5. Lots!!!!! :biggrin:
  6. hmm.. i was thinking buying a green lily for my amsterdam trip but might wait for the sale instead :graucho:
  7. Hankering after nothing at the moment, so I'll probably see a load of stuff I suddenly want! :nono:
  8. Depends how many pennies I can sneak into my account as since joining this thread I've made 4 !!!!! purchases in a month.

    I keep changing my mind as to what I'd like next but I really do love the look of the Lily silky snake :graucho:..............who knows what I'll end up with it could be anyone's guess!!
  9. Definitely foggy grey Alexa - I have one and I love her :tup:
    Such a versatile color and no babying or worrying much (guess you'd have that with the plaster pink)...

    Hope you'll find your perfect bag! :smile:
  10. of course you're right :roflmfao:
  11. KatharinaV and bettymuc77 - I think you're right. Plaster pink is super cute but foggy grey is definitely more versatile
  12. Far too much Celine & Balenciaga purchases & I have another Bal in mind so nothing for me.....my pennies are spoken for :happydance::happydance:
  13. Nothing for me - feeling bag content atm :biggrin: At most I might buy a scarf if I find one at a reasonable discount. Need to start saving again!
  14. Thinking about fuchsia effie satchel.
    Designer diva have you been reunited with your Celine?
  15. Another Bal??!!