Who's going to get what!?

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  1. So the sales are nearly on us again, I was wondering who was going to get what?
    Nothing really catches my eye at the moment but then I'm sometimes lured in by the discount haha!
  2. Hi there looking forward to the sale. I have bought way too much already but may buy something depending on whats on offer. :graucho:
  3. Have quite fancied the silky snake Alexa, fushcia SBS or the midnight heritage SBS. Whether I take the plunge though is a different story :smile:
  4. I was hoping to get the regular silky snake alexa in nightshade blue but its disappeared. Assuming they have sold out:sad: Very disappointed!
  5. Inspired by Millicat's picture in this thread, I have developed a craving for a fold-up tote.

    It will all depend on the reduction though, I can see that paying lots of money for what is essentially a nylon shopper could be the first sign of madness:graucho:
  6. I'm relatively new to mulberry can someone tell what sales your talking about please?

  7. Plemont, I'm going for this one too. Really hoping for a reduction, b/c I need this one in my life :graucho:

    I could also be after PML Satchel...
  8. definitely the Lily in plaster pink... hope she's in the sale!
  9. I would love the lily, bays in oak ostrich in the sale but i dont think they will be somehow as they are current lines.
  10. Its Mulberry's online sale at Mulberry.com starts in June unsure of the date not confirmed as yet. :smile:
  11. plastic pink or foggy grey alexa for me!! (still not sure which I prefer - any help??)
  12. I vote foggy grey - super versatile, very classy colour, easy to wear, don't have to baby so much :smile:
  13. Nothing for me, no pennies.
  14. I hit Naughtipidgin's recent online sale so that's my sale purchasing done. No other current season stock I am after anyway. Good luck to all those shopping! xx
  15. I've been eyeing a Harriet satchel for ages, but actually decided a few weeks ago not to get one because I'm pretty sure I'm gonna buy a bag from the AW12 when they're available in shops. But if they really are -50% straight away... I might just cave and order one. Then I can model it at home and decide if I really really love it - and return it if I don't.

    I am going to get a black Harriet purse though, that I have already decided. I'm always looking for a smaller purse. :smile:
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