Whos going Coach shopping this weekend??

  1. Do tell! Whats on your shopping list? And where will you be shopping for it?:nuts::wlae:

    Im thinking possibly a LARGE leather Carly in either REDor BLACK!!:yahoo:
  2. MMM!! Red Carly is so beautiful!!!!
    I have duty this weekend so no shopping for me...but I may be getting a medium Carly in black leather. What do you think? I love large leather bags but I have a large sig already so...I want a little variety?

    I also want to acquire the skullie keyfob soon :smile:
  3. I think a med. leather would be great! Although I must say I have the large khaki/saddle also and my med fall patcwork carly. For some reason Im really wanting another LARGE:nogood: OY!!
    Oh yeah! Do get skullie! They go quick!!
  4. I'm not to sure what I'm looking for, just going to try on some Coach bags and see what I like. I'm going out to Macy's, I called them they have many bags 25% off, then off to the San Marcos (TX.) Outlet to see what is there..........Hopfully I'll come home with a FEW things!
  5. Sounds great! I need a shopping buddy darn it!! My friends just dont get my Coach obsession. It would be a blast to have an enabler by my side lol!:roflmfao:
  6. Where do you live?
    I would LOVE to go Coach shopping together :smile:
  7. Lol! That would be great.......feel like driving to Ca. for a day of Coach shopping?:yes::okay:
  8. I grew up in CA... are you So Cal, Nor Cal? Oregon isn't THAT far away ;) I've never shopped for Coach in CA!
  9. RED!!!! :drool:
  10. I have today off so I think I'm going to head to the outlet in Petaluma and then to Macys. Not really looking for anything in particular but just want to see what they have! :tup:

  11. Fun! Make sure to give us a heads up on your shopping excursion when ya get back!:wlae:
  12. pay day today!!! so after work my boyfriend and i read heading over to alderwood mall (western washington) to the coach store where i will be purchasing either a med or large black sig carly. :love: ((and maybe the new skull keyfob!! :graucho:))
  13. I work in a city that doesn't have a Coach store but has a Nordstrom! So when I go to my lady at the Chanel counter I always stop by and touch the Coach shoes and bags to get my fix!!! hahahhaha :-/
  14. Yay!!! Excellent choices!!! Have a GREAT time!:okay:
  15. I am getting off work early so I am going to stop by the mall and stop by there. I am going to get my mom a scarf for Christmas and maybe myself a mini skinny.