Who's Going Black Friday Shopping???!!

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  1. I am definitely going shopping this Friday....:yes:

    Walmart has crazy deals...:okay:
  2. I have to work at 530 AM!!!!!! So no for me. I will be asleep once Im off.
  3. we will def be up early (or late, depending on how you look at it... lol) for shopping on black friday. my cousin joked that she'll meet us after clubbing and join us in line... lol.

    last year, we left our house about quarter after 2am to wait in line at Best Buy, thinking we were early enough... but nope! the line was already stretched all the way around towards the back of the store... there had to have been at least 100+ ppl in line by then. i heard some ppl closer to the front of the line were waiting since 10pm the night before!! it was crazy... by the time the store opened, it was total chaos... we did get some awesome deals, so it was worth it. we've made it a tradition... not sure how early we will wait in line this year. we always hit up circuit city, target, and wal-mart right after to see what else we can get... last year, we stocked up on so many cheap dvds, it was great!! i never really bothered with going to the mall or buying clothes... i've always been able to find deals throughout the year anyway.
  4. Hmmm...I wish I could. It's always been a tradition for all the girls in my family to go every year, but this year, I live in the middle of nowhere, and I can't get home. My family is coming to my house for Thanksgiving, so I guess we will try to go to the closest decent stores, which are an hour away.
  5. Definitely going Blk Friday shopping!! The Navy Exchange has no tax!!:tup:

  6. yes, last year was our first year we camped out. we were at best buy at 10 pm and we were DEF. not the first in line! the very first lady in line was out at 2 pm and she said people started coming at 5 pm. i saved about a good $2000. we werent well equipped.. slept on the freeezing cold San Francisco cement! i got sick.. :[ and had work that morning. this year my family is down sizing christmas because of the effects of the fire. so i wont need to be standing in line to buy everyone crazy electronics at best buy so early so my bff suggested fiance and i join at walmart. suppose to be awesome deals. were camping out. :] sleeping bags and all this time. :tup:
  7. Im going! But Ill only be at the Air Force Base exchange. The other stores get a little bit toooo crazy for me! After standing in line for 2 hours to get in the store, you grab what you want and then wait in line for another 2 hours to check out. Buy the time you're done with one store-its too late to go to another(for the early bird sales, anyway)! I guess it totally worth it, if you are looking for something specific. Like, last year we were looking for 2 flat screen TV's...got those at Best Buy for an AMAZING price! So, it was well worth it! But this year, Im not looking for anything particular, so Ill just be hitting up the BX come midnight, and save all the mall shopping(and whatever else) for the weekend when it will be slightly less packed.
    But, I applaud the ones who brave the crowd! lol
  8. hehe, glad to see all the best buy love in this thread :smile:

    I'll actually be WORKING the 4 a.m. black friday shift at Best Buy, as I have for the past two years. It's actually my favorite shift of the whole year to work, a lot of people fight to get the opening shifts. it's the fastest 9 hours of your entire life. i was in charge of line management last year (when we opened at 5 a.m., we had a line of almost 900 people that stretched across the road into ANOTHER store's parking lot), but this year my job is a little more cushy - i'll be sitting at a closing table (sitting! yay!) making sure everyone gets things like gift cards and service plans. since i normally sell appliances, which are NOT a big black friday item, i usually get a cool job :smile: (also, since they know i'm not an idiot).
  9. I live very close to a Best Buy but I'm not sure I want or need a 50 inch plasma TV no matter how good of a deal it is... I wish Saks and Neiman's had better sales! I may go to Loehmann's to see what they're doing...

    Anyone know if Nordstrom's or Nordstrom Rack is doing anything?
  10. LOL....Id rather get a root canal than go black friday shopping...hehehe....I cant stand lines!!and CROWDS!!!!
  11. I've always been tempted to shop on Black Friday...but I really can't stand crowds and the thought of sleeping in a comfortable bed always supresses any desire to go:smile:

    I can't wait though to see and hear everyone's loot!
  12. Heck yeah!
    It's become tradition now with my sister in-laws and I.
    Kohls at 4am, baby!
  13. First of all I'm on call so that precludes me to saying no and I would rather stab myself repeatedly in both eyeballs with forks than deal with really annoying people, horrible parking, grumpy sales people, and waiting in long lines. If people could be courteous and respectful it would really change my opinion on things but as it is just on regular weekends a majority of people in my area seem to not realize other people are shopping near them in the stores and are horribly rude.

    But good luck to those that do it. ;) I would love to get some bargains otherwise.
  14. I'm NOT! I'm working..double pay. :biggrin:
  15. Heck yeah I am! I'm not into stores like Kohls and Mervyns that are opening at 4, so mom and I might hit target at 6 and eventually work our way into the city. Last year we hit Nordstrom Rack, H&M, Loehmanns, and a few others. I think it was H&M that was doing 25% your entire purchase until 9am - was really cool!