who's getting this new mono bag?!!!

  1. Neverfull


    and if you're in japan....you can go to LV's first mobil site...
  2. [​IMG]
  3. I'm thinking of getting the PM or MM for mommy, and the pochette for myself, hehe. Or I could let her have the pochette too :p
  4. wow.................................


    it's so similar in shape to a certain Coach in mind?

    not for me, I like specific LV shapes that are special..

    the inside is cool tho!
  5. that mini pochette is cute!!! i think the price is 265 or something.....
  6. i love the inside....and the MM size. :biggrin:
  7. Oh wow, I love it! When is it going to be released?

    I'm not that crazy over the bag now... but will probably change my mind when I see more pics in the future. :smile:
  9. 5/25!!!!!!
  10. Looks like a nice practical bag for everyday use. I am not liking the open top and the skinny straps. But who know... I may change my mind once I see one IRL. :shrugs:
  11. i still can't figure out how those bits on the sides are supposed to work :s

    but that striped lining is awesome! they should use this in all the bags :yes:
  12. I think the fasteners at the end of the strips can slide up to the top and make it gather a little just like the batignolles. At least that's what I can deduce from the pic, hehe.
  13. that's what i told by my SA!:p

    i LOVE the inside,,,,!:heart:
  14. yeah i figured that much. but why does it have to be that long? its not going to gather much as it is from where it's attached to the bag. :confused1:
  15. oh wow!!! i really like this!! and this is something me and mommy can share since she likes big tote bags!