Who's Getting The Patchwork Or Dentelle?


Patchwork in Blue or Gray? - Dentelle in Silver or Gold?

  1. Dentelle Speedy in Silver

  2. Sentelle Speedy in Gold

  3. Patchwork in Grey

  4. Patchwork in Blue

  5. Other - Please SPECIFY

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Which one are you getting, the Patchwork in Gray or Blue? Dentelle in Silver or Gold? Both?

    I will put a poll up for both in Speedys but PLEASE, if you are not getting the speedy, post the bag you will be getting. THANKS in advance.:yes:
  2. if i get anything it'll be the patchwork in blue.. it looks interesting! i want to see the dentelle IRL before I decide!
  3. i'm getting neither as they don't appeal to me. who knows though, once I see the patchwork IRL i might think differently.
  4. I wanted to get the patchwork bowling bag as I am looking for a practical shoulder bag-but decided against it as it is a) to expensive for me and b) I need a bag that I do not have to worry about so I will go for the belem mm.
    But can`t wait to look at the bowling!
    I haven`t seen the dentelle in real life but do not like what I have seen so far of it.
  5. I'm planning on buying a Hampstead.
  6. I wanted the Dentelle Cles, but as that's not going to produced, I think I either get the D. Ludlow or nothing...
  7. I waiting to see if the East West PM in gold is going to make it to Aus ...if not then I will get a soana pm;)
  8. The Dentelle speedy in Gold!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I absolutely hate the patchwork line (sorry), the Dentelle in gold is nice though. Have to see it IRL, Speedy or Batignolles...
  10. IF anything, dentelle cles. Probably not. I don' think any of these lines are maing a huge impression.
  11. Probably nothing. I'm not in love.
  12. I want the patchwork Speedy in grey I am reserving judgement on Dentelle until I see it IRL
  13. hopefully (if all goes to plan) ill be getting the BH in gold
  14. Patchwork bowly in grey
  15. dentelle BH in silver