Who's getting the New Pochette? *PIC*

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  1. So who's picking up the new Trunks & Bags Pochette?? :graucho:
    trunks & bags pochette.jpg
  2. *jaw drops open* Where'd you find that?? When is it coming out? Sorry, lol, I LVOE the trunks stuff! Okay, sorry, so excited! What's the scoop so I can call my SA about it.
  3. It's coming soon not sure when but there are a lot of new things coming in June so I wouldn't be surprised if they arrived in June too. I think there is also a cles and some type of purse (no bags)

    Retail $255
  4. Thanks! Gonna have to call my SA about it and have her call me when it's in. Oh my, June is gonna be a horribly expensive month!
  5. very cute :biggrin:
  6. oooh I really like that! me me me I want!
  7. I think i'd have to see it in person to see if i like it or not.
  8. Oh! It's so cute but I don't think I will get it
  9. It'll probably arrive in June....right around the price increase, lol!
  10. Cute Pochette! I really like this one.
  11. i might snag one :nuts:
  12. maybe. id want a regular sized one though...
  13. It's cute....but I've sworn off pochettes!!! Maybe the cles if it would make a good bag charm!
  14. Yes, it is cute, but I have no use for it. I think many people will like it. I can't wait to read more about it.
  15. Maybe. I also wish it was a regular sized pochette, I don't have any use for mini pochettes, really.