Who's getting the Damier/Azur Sporty bag??

  1. I've been wanting something in Azur for summer and I'm really liking this bag as it's so similar to the speedy shape (which I'm a huge fan of). I don't think I can pull off a white MC Speedy as much as I'd like to think I can- (I'm pushing 40) :crybaby: and I go back and forth, should I/shouldn't I. I think this would be a nicer alternative and it's not as pricey as the MC speedy. What are your thoughts on this bag? I think it's going to be so gorgeous in real life, better than the pics of seen of it so far.:flowers:
  2. so unique and a great alternative for spring...get it!:yes: can't wait to see it IRL.....
  3. I'm w/l for the Azur. I like it because it's suppose to have a strap.
  4. Get the Sporty! I think it really cute and your Damier Speedy needs a little sister.
  5. Anyone have a picture of this?

  6. Here ya go. I'm loving this bag. I'm waitlisted for the Azur.

  7. Oh, I like that - what size is it? First I've heard of it! :shame:
  8. The bag looks super cool. You should get one if you like it IRL.
  9. :girlsigh: wow what a beauty. :drool: What is the expected pricing?
  10. It was featured in another thread and this is the info I have: Measurements are 12x10x8 and the straps are adjustable so it can be also worn on the shoulder (a plus!) and it's being released in May-expected price is $1,420.

  11. *fans self* oh man! how did I miss that thread. Is it hot in here or is that just love at first sight? I think I found my next bag to lust over. :drool: :drool: :drool:
  12. Do yop know if they will make the Hampstead in Azur???? it would be FABULOUS!!!
  13. I'm thinking of getting the damier sporty since I sold my damier speedy and I'm starting to miss it... :p
  14. I like this! EXCEPT it looks like it zips shut....

  15. Thanks for posting this. I like them, but I think I would prefer it in Mono....