Who's getting the '07 Jaune and what does it look like?

  1. I've been looking for a yellow handbag for awhile now (it's harder than you may think), so I'm super excited :yahoo: that it's one of Balenciaga's colours for fall. But does anyone know what the exact colour will look like? And I hear a lot of buzz for the Grape, but who's planning to get the Jaune? And in what style?
  2. huh? what?
    A yellow??

    I don't come to this forum for a month and I miss everything? Where's ateliernaff???

    done spazzing.
  3. Jaune at the right:


    Now the left:

  4. I think you must have been gone longer than a month, Winona!! LoL...welcome back!

    Hey - ICB - that photo reminds me - when is the sphere going to arrive? I haven't seen any talk of sightings yet.
  5. Hi fiatflux!!
    you are correct. i've been around, just in unspeakable forums.
    my GOD I want a jaune with GOLD GH!!
  6. The swatches were updated adding three collection colors:


  7. thank you!!
    Jaune day...GH... *lesigh*
  8. Yup - these new styles have been so elusive and no one has confirmed a sighting of a single one.

    Perhaps they come out during the next wave of shipments? Mid this month to mid august, along with the Collection colors.

    I've only seen the Sphere in Pine, Yellow, and Black...so maybe they are releasing it at the same time as the collection release.

    I myself have been so out of the Balenciaga loop and still trying to get back....by the way, when Balenciaga.com updates the website for the Accessories FW 07 collection - there should be a photo of the SPHERE in black...and I think the RTT and Step will be in there also, can't remember exactly.
  9. ahem...you've "seen" the sphere in yellow? Do you have a pic, or was that at the trunk show?
  10. I called Bal-NY to put my name on the waitlist for the Jaune first but I'm really leaning towards the Grape City or Day. I don't mind getting a mini coin purse in Jaune though.

    PS: What style is that green round purse?
  11. The Jaune looks spectacular!!! :drool: Thanks for the pictures! And the Sphere? I've never even heard of it before. I'm not sure how I feel about that one.......
  12. I can't quite remember if it was through the trunk show...now that I think about it :confused1: But I know I've seen photos of it in Marigold.
  14. I just looked at the Jaune with SGH in the above pic, and my heart fluttered. It is SO gorgeous. I am crazy, yikes! I am thinking of a twiggy or PT with SGH, yummy.... So curious to see the new styles, like the sphere, RTT, and step.