who's getting something from the groom line?

  1. i think it's REALLY cute..though it's a bit pricey IMO..

    who's gettin it?

    and what r u getting?
  2. Just ordered the red agenda from eluxury today. Can't wait to see IRL.
  3. i dont think the cles is too bad considering the prices for the regular cles. But for the ronde i think its a bit pricey for something that may be cuter then the cles but isnt as functional. the other items in the line are pricey also. I have to say after looking at the cles in comparison to the other groom products, i like the yellow stripe on the left, whereas the other items have the colored stripe on the right. I think it gives more depth to the groom. Call me crazy but i think so.
    PS . i did end up buying the cles.there are 2 ronde's left on eLux and 11 cles. so grab them whilst you can ladies and gents
  4. i want to love it, but i don't. so i think i'll pass for now. but who knows? it may grow on me...
  5. That's what happens to me. It grows on me as soon as it is near impossible to get! LOL!
  6. I am thinking about getting the Cles, have it in my cart on elux...decisions decisions...
  7. Just got the pouchette wallet with the red and white stripe...love red and stripes...that is what hooked me...it will go with my mono canvas but, also a few of my Gucci bags with the red stripes...makes the mono more funky and interesting...it is pricey!!!!
  8. i think i'll pass, im not so crazy about. but maybe i will get a cles or a bandana ;)
  9. im....still thinking whether i should get the cles...!!!!
  10. My LV's pretty much sold out in everything....
  11. go now if you want something
  12. *rasies hand* Me! Me! lol:P

    I pre paid for the Red Agenda, Yellow Pochette Cles, and Orange Porte Monnaie Rond on Monday. I'm picking it them up tomorrow. :yahoo: I'm also waiting for the Red Bandeau to come in.:graucho:
  13. hmm..do u guys think the groom will rub off?
  14. I'm guessing it might...just like the cerises, cherry blossom, MC, etc.
    Oh and I'm getting one of everything except the zippy and larger wallet.
    Just waiting on the Fedex man (well they're all coming in separate shipments because I had problems with the 3 per person limit).
  15. I am not sure at this time.