Who's Getting Dentelle on Thursday?

  1. Who's in?
    Mine (a gold speedy) is being overnighted, so I should have it Friday sometime (I'm staying home all day just to wait).

    What are you getting?
  2. usually i get new speedys as they come out, but I am really not into this one. congrats, do post pics.
  3. i'm waitlisted for the silver. let's see if i take it home...
  4. congrats! post pics when you get them... i don't think I'm getting anything. I already saw the Speedy earlier this month and it wasn't for me. It's a cute bag though!!
  5. I had waitlisted for the gold speedy, but after seeing it IRL, I took myself off the list...
  6. I am crossing my fingers that I fall in love when I open the box!
  7. I'm on the list but I'm sure I'm not near the top and I only called 1 store to hop on their list so we'll see if it pans out. I know it won't be Thursday. At least I hope not. I was hoping to buy something else this week! lol
  8. all i wanted was the gold cles...but alas they ruined my life and decided not to make it

    was that dramatic enough? Congrats on the speedy twiggers.
  9. twiggers you crack me up :lol: Staying home to get your package? ..........I can't even comment b/c I did the same thing with one LV I bought. I saw the mailman pull up and I opened the door so he didn't even have to knock when he got to the door. I almost shut the door in the man's face once he handed me the package I was so excited to get it. You've got to post pics for us when you get it.

    :back2topic: I was on the list for the Dentelle BH but took myself off b/c I bought another bag I wanted more. If any of you ladies get the BH, PLEEEEEEEAAAASE post pics. I'm dying to see it.
  10. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  11. I wish i could get something.
  12. Hopefully I Will Be Getting A Speedy.
  13. Oh I can't wait to see everyone's new dentelle purchases :jammin:
  14. I'm getting the wallet in gold. I had my name down for the speedy, but didn't like it IRL.
  15. Are the Dentelles just being released? They opened a new Louis Vuttion in Austin, Texas. The first actual store, the only other one is at Saks here. They already had the Dentelles and no one was really paying attention to them. I knew they are new but are they available at other stores already?