Who's Getting Antsy for Anthracite?!

  1. I know I am!!! Can't wait to see/have this colour in my collection. It's almost end of Feb.....common Bal NY where are they! :hysteric:

    I havnt been this excited to see a colour for a while. Someone post as soon as you get the call!
  2. hehehehe, its like waiting for the ice cream truck to turn on to your street!!! hehehehe!!!
  3. I'm not sure I'm antsy, but with all of the hype around here, I am getting excited to see someone post pics. It is definitely a mystery what the final undertones of the color will be.
  4. I'm waiting to see the color before taking the plunge too... :jammin:
  5. I hope you all love it....I hope I HATE it! *LOL*
  6. i am so excited for it to come out...not antsy yet but too excited!!
    i am in the list for the City, Money, and Make-up...can't wait.
  7. I was, then I wasn't, now I'm curious. I think it's going to be a disappointment for me if it's a gray black. I wish they would get the sandstone in so I can see if it's boring. I want the new style hobo and I want to see sandstone before I decide on a color.
  8. Me me me so so ANTSY that to placate my self I bought yet another accessory i.e clutch, It had better arrive soon.....
  9. very excited. I am actually in paris,eating croissants and drinking coffee in our hotel room. its only 8:00 here. I couldn't sleep this morning cause I am so excited to get to bal paris and printemps. come on ten o'clock ! will post if I find anthracite!
  10. I can't wait! I'm already on the waitlist ..!
  11. oh siri! im so jealous of you! I would love to be in paris right now drinking coffee! one day... anyhow, yes! im very much excited for anthracite! BUT apparently neiman and marcus in tampa isnt scheduled to recieve it! I called yesterday to be put on the list but no such luck. so what will I do? I hope she can order one in for me! eek!
  12. I was excited before but now I can wait :p
  13. I'm excited...and will be :yahoo: if it's the charcoal grey I covet. I ordered the new flap messenger in anthracite from LVR...:jammin:
  14. I haven't bought a b'bag in a while--but for this color, I might re-take the plunge...
  15. I'm probably gonna have to buy it from BalNY even before I see the colour irl. Holt's only gets a few colours in other than black and they usually sell out very fast, not to mention they take too long to get here!