Who's getting a bag today?

  1. Me!!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    XXXXX, ON Item out for delivery
  2. What are you getting!!?????????????? :smile:
  3. its a secret :smile:
  4. yes elaborate!!:tup::tup::yes:
  5. Congrats! I'm getting one too :wlae:
  6. :yahoo::yahoo:

  7. congrat's..
  8. You cant leave us hanging like this!!!! What is it????!!!!!!
  9. ^^ but I can, I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for it....
  10. I WISH I was getting a bag today....LUCKY!!!! :yes: Can't wait to see what it is!!!!
  11. Me!! And it arrived this morning:smile:. I'll post pics after I run to the store to get the matching wallet. :yahoo:
  12. Yes! Please post pics when you get it.
  13. I wish I was getting a bag today! I'm on ban until next PCE.
  14. congrats cant wait to see pic's.
  15. not me - can't wait to see what ya'll are getting though.

    I AM getting a new pair of Uggs in the mail though...hehehe...gotta say, I know this is OT...but I :heart: Zappos.com and their next day shipping!