Who's feeling the arctic chill?

  1. Here in Wisconsin today a high of 5. Subzero temps tonight. Forecast says we won't be in double digit temps until Thursday - help!!

    And people in Florida are NOT allowed to complain about 50 degree temperatures!! (just kidding)
  2. Philadelphia is unusually warm this year, with little snow, but it is starting a little more now. I don't think we have hit in the single digits yet, maybe once or twice.
    After spending one winter in upstate NY, I am not compaining!
  3. :nuts: :nuts: Pic of my DH going out fishing (he left a few minutes ago) its HOT here!!! If it makes you feel better, its so humid it makes for a really bad hair day!)
    sunset 006.jpg

  4. Oh Girl, I'm feeling you! Here's our forecast for the next week:push: Can't wait for that heatwave on Friday!

  5. Acegirl - I bet you wish you were you know where in FL!!
  6. Ha Ha No Kidding! Will be down there in 2 weeks:graucho: If only for a few short days...:sad:
  7. I'm green with Envy.
  8. i'm in Atlanta/Athens, where it's normally not bad this time of year (or ever). there was so much ice in thursday morning that they cancelled school at my college (which they've only done one other time in my two and a half years here, and it was because of a hurricane) because they couldn't run our campus buses. but it didn't snow, except for a couple tiny fluries in the middle of the night that were well gone by daylight - it was just a cold, disgusting rain for the entire day. so i envy all of you with snow on the ground - i'd love to have snow. winters here are wet and rainy.

    it was grey yesterday as well, but the sun is finally shining again this morning - i'm sure it's still cold, but i haven't been outside yet, so i still have hope.
  9. In AZ we are in the 50's, but people here consider that cold:roflmfao:
  10. YES !! That IS funny......BUT...it's no fun going to teach a water aerobics class in an outdoor pool when it's 50 and windy out here;)
  11. we're feeling it in Colorado - we have had snow 7 weeks in a row - and I can tell you this has NEVER happened before, not in Colo Spgs, and not since I moved here in 1991.

    We have the same icey snow drifts in our back yard that have been there since before xmas - I am scared to see what the grass underneath those drifts will look like once they finally melt.

    It is 24 F degrees right now - I guess that is better than yesterday at this time, when it was -5 F.
  12. It's in the mid-teens in Waukegan, but I just took the dogs out into the yard, and the wind cut right through me. Too bad the dogs can't take themselves out. :p
  13. brrr.. glad I moved to Texas...:p :smile:
  14. High today is 75 here. Tomorrow it'll be 82. Sorry girls, cuddle in nice warm blanket and enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate!
  15. I totally feel your pain. I'm in Canada (Kingston to be exact) and it's -15 (5 farenheit) right now and supposed to be -22 (8 farenheit) tomorrow. Last week, it was -30 (-22 in farenheit) for a day or so.