Who's Excited for New Fall Arrivals? What Will You Buy?


Jul 1, 2006
Hi Everyone,

I stopped by my local LV boutique (my neighbor is my SA, so it gives me an excuse to look and get some good scoop of what's coming), and she let me browse through the Fall 2010 style book. So many beautiful things.....

One of the things that stood out to me was the all leather mono Artsy. I believe it was the MM size (not sure if a GM was offered) and the whole bag is embossed LV leather, so it looks like mono canvas, but the color of the leather matches the handle. I think it is going to be offered in about 5 different colors and they were all gorgeous. The price was a little over $2,000, so not bad for all leather LV.

I also saw a new version of the eclipse speedy in noir that was beautiful, and an eclipse alma will be back in the BB size.

The new vernis color is TDF, and there was also a new Mahina too if I remember correctly.

There were so many other beauties in leather, ostrich, alligator, and fur. I'm so excited for the new releases. Some of them are way out of my league with a price tag of $25,000+.

Who else has seen the new offerings? What are your thoughts? What are you drooling over?

Emily L

Jul 14, 2010
Well, I bought all my LV in another country when I was living over seas so I don't have an SA at the store here. I ran into the store the other day and asked what new pieces were coming out soon and the SA looked me in the eye and told me there were no new pieces coming out, which is not true and made me really mad.

Wish I could say that I had seen the new look book but....


Apr 28, 2009

please could you say more about the new vernis color? Do you know if pomme d'amour will be discontinued? thanks :P

The new vernis color is TDF (I personally do not need anything in vernis so i am skipping it). I know there are some threads on here showing it. Some people were able to sneak some pics. I am not sure if Pomme will be disconitnued. I hear conflicting stories. I honestly thought it would have happened by now. When I heard about it I raced down to the store and bought a bellevue in pomme. That was well over a month a go and my store still has it. maybe someone knows better than I do or I would call LV and see what they have to say.


Jul 4, 2008
Right now only the leather artsy excites me, and for some reason that excitement is decreasing. Not really sure why. I am most excited by the new stoles coming out.

There are only two bags that I definately want right now, and neither are new releases.

Now if they would release an XL mahina in one of the new colors, then I would be really excited. I don't think, however, that going to happen.


Addicted to H
Dec 5, 2009
I have my name for the Artsy in Empriente
Can't wait for the bag to arrive

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