Who's Excited For Aloha Rag's Chloe Sale??


~Happy Tot~
Oct 18, 2006
Great Lakes
Hi Ladies,
I am so excited for the Aloha Rag sale that starts in a few hours:upsidedown:. Last year I got a gorgeous grey Silverado huge hobo with front pockets (sorry not sure of the style) for 800 bucks:nuts:! I am sitting here just waiting and hoping that I can get one more lovely Chloe from them at a steal. Is anyone else as excited as me?? I would love to hear what you fellow Chloe ladies are coveting this glorious sale season:heart:.


Jul 30, 2006
I'm eagerly awaiting it, but more out of curiosity and excitement for my PF pals because I really can't buy another bag right now...unless something literally has my name emblazoned on it! I can't think of anything I am dying to have, oddly enough, and I refuse to buy bags just because the price is great. (Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I have waaaay too many bags as it is!):P

Last year I got my all time favorite paddington, a tweed and leather satchel, at an AR sale for 60% off. I bought it in the summer thinking I would love having it in the fall, and sure enough, I did!

I love hearing about everyone else's bargains and sharing in the excitement though!:woohoo:


Dec 11, 2006
Midwest America; God's country
I'm with KMSMYC; I'll be there for the show (like an exciting ebay auction with friends) but I won't be buying. I have lots of purses and nothing is calling my name. I think I want a whiskey something in a purse someday... maybe??????? So I can definitely wait. I'm enjoying you gals getting excited and buying your Chloe's:woot:

Here's to everybody getting what they want. Ho Ho Ho!


Nov 22, 2006
Chesterfield Missouri
Ho ho ho to you too suze! Meanwhile...I already emailed them yesterday to ask if the one thing I wanted was going on sale and they said "NO". But they said there would be a lot of other good things. However I am not seeing a huge assortment as they had last year? If they put these bags on sale there will be nothing left? Of course I am hoping lots of you other gals have blissful experiences. I, myself, was bad and bought a Heloise yesterday. Not a red one - but a black which I am hoping is almost as cool.