Who's downsizing before F/W '07 colors come out?

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  1. I know that a lot of us are on the waitlist for f/w '06....is anyone else besides me freaking out about procuring the $$$$ for those purchases? :push: I'm hoping to buy two f/w 07 bags....which means I need to purge two from my existing collection. I'm sad about that, but for me it's the right thing to do.

    If you're lucky enough to be simply adding to your existing collection, yay! (I'm jealous) But if you plan to sell so you can buy later, sound off here! :p
  2. I am! Have sold off 2 bags (1 Bal and 1 LV), and am selling another Bal. Need to be liquid to be able to pounce on these seemingly SUPERB FW 07 colors... :graucho:
  3. Good work, Monsoon! I really don't wanna purge more than 1 bag from my current Bal collection, so I'm now looking at other brands I own.....
  4. Count me in too.:yes: I just sold my brand new VG make up clutch :sad: and i am thinking of selling one of my Day bags too. :crybaby: I know when i go to BalNY on May 16th i am going to be in trouble so i am panicking too.:nuts:
  5. Hi Nanaz!!! you just sold your bew VG make up clutch? (wonder how much.....pls pm me):crybaby:

    im thinking of ordering one....coz its compact and your pic of it is yummy.

    when i got the violet clutch i pre-order...im done for the year!
  6. I'm really excited for violet!! and yes, unfortunately I'll have to say goodbye to some old friends.... both Bbags and Chloe :sad:
  7. Kirsty I have sold a couple of my bags on but just bought a sapin work so trying to be good in advance but it doesn't seem to be workign that well!
  8. where do you guys sell you old bags?
    Does any one trade?
  9. I will also be downsizing but manly because the DH has moaned that i dont need all those bbags sitting unused!!!!
  10. Naughty Secretshopaholic:graucho:

    I too have been downsizing. Want to be prepared for Violet and all the other yummy colours:yes:
  11. I just discovered Balenciaga 2 months ago so I only have SS07 colors sandstone GH Day and Anthracite First. Now that I know how good Balenciaga is I am selling 2 Fendi, 2 LV, 1 Prada, 1 Gucci, 1 Ferragamo, and even a pair of '06 Chanel Rhinestone Studded Quilted sunglasses so I can buy 3-4 of the FW07 colors which I am in love with. I amhoping to add plomb, rouge, ivoire, and magano or mastic to my collection.
  12. I am downsizing but not necessarily my B-bags (especially after my exhausting search for the "perfect" bordeaux city). I think I am going to purge LV first.
  13. I am as well! :crybaby: I've already sold 2 Bbags so now I only have 4 accessories to go and then I am done selling. At least the items I'm getting rid of I never even used so I didn't get too attached!
  14. I took back an 07 Black City when I saw the new colors (to Barney's). But - I'm on tenterhooks wondering when and if Barney's Beverly Hills will get the fall colors. I could order from Barney's NY too (with that damn credit card - hush, don't tell anyone, :sneaky:) so I'm depending on you all to let me know when those bags come in!

    Can't wait until the spies get to see the new collection on May 16. My poor DH got caught up in the excitement and said, "Well, you could fly to NY for a couple of days just for the trunk show." Yeah, right - like heck I can (he doesn't do our budget figures).

    I still want 07 Aquamarine in something - and I want a Violet Twiggy. At least, right now it's a violet Twiggy - who knows if they'll have one?

    Also - I'm wondering about the availability of Days in all the new colors - can't wait to find out for sure.

  15. yes well if all my so called friends could stop being "bad bag enablers" may have a chance but think there is no hope for me!
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