Who's counting down the secs till The Devil Wears PRADA???

  1. I AM!!!...damn..I just Saw VH1's 10 reasons why The Devil Wears Prada is Fabulous, and the little preview/ 3 Minute clip of it here:


    and I realllly like the Book, read it twice more than I can say for any other book.....

    sooo...who'se going on Friday??:roflmfao:
  2. MEmemememememme but its dont take a couple of weeks/months till we get it here. BAH!
  3. MMEMEMMEMEEEEEMEEE!!!! coming out here on the 30th!!!! WWWAAAAAHHHHHHAHHAHAA!!!!!!!
  4. hey.. another thing... why's andy's boyfriend's name 'nate' in the movie and 'alex' in the book?! and isn't nigel supposed to be african american??
  5. ME TOO!! i can't wait to see it and i really really hope that it will turn out well :biggrin:
  6. Well, I remember there were alot of Sassy men in Runway...so I guessed the grouped them together to one fabulous being?
  7. I wonder how Anna Wintour feels about being played by Meryl Streep!
  8. Yes!!! Planning a girls night out on Saturday to see it. Can't wait.
  9. I'm sooooo excited to see this movie- not to mention that I love everything that Meryl Streep gets her hands on!
  10. I want to see this all so
  11. i bet she didn't like it because she feels that she's prettier and definetly trendier than meryl streep in person :roflmfao:
    i really need to see her face when seeing this movie
  12. OMG I am!!!! I am soooo lucky becuase it comes out the day before I go on Holidays so atleast I can see it (unlike Pirates of the Carib :cry: !!!!!)
  13. I am!!!!!! btw, there's already a couple threads on this.
  14. I am excited to see the movie, the fashion, the bags, the shoes, oy!!
  15. i am, too but here the movie will come out in AUTUMN! :mad: