Who's Comfortable W/out Wearing Makeup In Public?


Who's Comfortable W/out Wearing Makeup In Public?

  1. Only if I'm going somewhere casual like the groceries or bank.

  2. If leave the house, makeup is a MUST!

  3. I can live with minimal makeup, but not no makeup at all.

  4. I don't feel like I need makeup to be pretty.

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  1. I have a PF confession to make: I don't always feel comfortable with how I look without makeup on. It sounds rediculous and I get SOO much redicule from everyone because if I leave the house, I HAVE to have makeup on, at least the bare minimal [eyeliner, natural-toned shadow, mascara]. Everyone says I shouldn't be so insecure and don't need any makeup, but it's an insecurity I just can't shake off. I've most definitely been out in public before without any makeup, I just didn't feel like myself. I felt so... naked and out there.

    For me, putting makeup on is just like a part of getting ready every morning, no different than brushing your teeth or washing your face.

    I wonder if there's anyone else out there brave enough to answer this question. Take the poll!
  2. some days i do and some days I don't its weird but some days my skin really glows and I definitely go without makeup and others I feel like an ugly duckling without it!
  3. I just got my hair highlighted, and long story short, it's very bold and not what I wanted. Wearing make-up seems to make me feel like it looks better, so I've been wearing it lately. Normally though I rarely wear it. I only wear eye shadow, mascara, blush, and bronzer that takes a whole 8 minutes to put on, but I feel like I never have time! That and all my male classmates always pick on me if I do wear it ;)
  4. I even put some on just to get the mail [​IMG]
  5. I think it's about confidence... people can definitely pull off not wearing make-up if they have confidence. Since I've had kids, I'm more likely to "forget" to wear make-up, but for the most part, some days... it gives me a little edge.
  6. I probably should, but I'm too lazy to wear make-up. :graucho:
  7. Although I love to play around with all kinds of makeup I never wear it on a daily basis. Sometimes I actually feel self-conscious about wearing makeup. Go figure.
  8. I always wear makeup unless I'm very sick, and then I wouldn't probably leave the house anyway. Some days I might wear more than others, but I always wear at least eye makeup.
  9. I will not go out in public without makeup. Doing so would result in several cases of people with temporary blindness. My husband sees me without makeup and had to get glasses not long after we got married. As a matter of fact, he had perfect vision up until we met. Somehow this doesn't seem to be a coincidence to me.
  10. I hardly ever wear makeup. I wear it if I'm going out socially, but that's it
  11. I only wear makeup for special occasions, and sometimes even then I won't bother. I do not specially like myself but I don't really care, I do not see that much difference with or without make up!!
  12. Confession of a slacker: I wake up 30 minutes before school starts, manage to shower and change and grab a bite to eat while running out of the house. There are days I forget moisturizer! I'm ok with no makeup but recently I've made time (less than 3 minutes) to curl my lashes and apply some shadow, lipgloss, and a bit of bronzer/highlighter.
  13. I buy cosmetics often, not because I need them, but because they looks nice!!! and I just want to have them!!!
    I don't normally use them,at most 5 times a year!!!! I only use them when I feel like going crazy.....
    I am pretty attractive without make-ups......:smile:
  14. :roflmfao:

    Love your dry sense of humour!

    I only wear makeup when I have to, ie for work, or when I feel like dressing up when I'm going with the bf or friends.

    I'm just too lazy otherwise :p Thank goodness, the bf prefers me without makeup, so I don't have to be constantly made up when I'm around him!
  15. I'm too lazy to wear makeup most of the time- and my skin stays clearer when I don't wear it!