Who's buying the new Coach perfume??

  1. In the new spring catalog there's a sample of the new perfume, it smells really nice and it reminds me of spring time. I'm almost done with my current scent so I may just have to get it for something different. I also heard it's only exlusive in the stores so you won't be able to buy it at Macy's and such. :smile:
  2. I want to smell it first before I buy, I hope my catalog has a sample in it, I called Coach and they have none to send out!
  3. I am definitely planning to get it. :yes:
  4. i'm thinking of getting the solid perfume. the smell is so fresh!
  5. I haven't smelled it but the bottle is so cute, I have a feeling I am going to get it!
  6. I'm am!!!!!
  7. i actually like it!

    i'm getting one once my sampler runs out.

    that and vera wang's truly pink :heart:
  8. I'm buying it.
  9. the smell is actually growing on me (most purfumes have to) so I am thinking more and more about buying it!
  10. I am definitely buying it. My local SA did tell me this weekend that you would only be able to purchase it in Coach stores. I keep sticking my nose in my catalog.
  11. I am a perfume whore so I will probably get it.
  12. OMGOSH I didn't get that! We don't always get every catalog. Why why why!

    I might get it, but I haven't smelled it. I'd kind of rather make my own than wear that, but it's like a collector/milestone, plus that bottle's nice!!
  13. I will have to smell it first and see.
  14. does anyone know what the container is gonna look like for the solid perfume? i hope it's as cute as the botle!
  15. I'm getting it, probably in the purse size and/or the solid. It is a very pretty girly blend and will be wonderful for the summer. Reminds me of the original Laura Ashley perfume, way back in the early '90s.

    I wish my ROAK partner liked perfume, I'd get her one too.