Who's Britney Buying All These Valentine Cards For ?

  1. Her Kids ?:nuts:

  2. Maybe her family. I buy my family stuff on VDay.
  3. She actually looks so pretty here :biggrin:
  4. ...or KFed's family? :shrugs:

    Yeah, she actually looks decent in this pic! :smile:
  5. Nice to see her looking better here, perhaps she is buying one for Paris also?
  6. For friends...
  7. She looks good here.
  8. She looks cleaner and more put together! Good for her!
  9. Friend and Family.

    I bought one for my hubby, parents, god son, god daugther and sister. Also, a birthday card all the same day.
  10. What is it with her and lollipops? Oral fixation?
  11. She actually looks like a normal human being here.
  12. It's good to see that she's buying them herself and hasn't just got an assistant to do the job. I think she looks pretty good in those pics.
  13. How do you know they're valentines cards, could be birthday cards, get well cards - I dunno.....

    and the fixation with celebrity continues.....
  14. Of course, and your here in the celebrity forum :rolleyes:
  15. She's buying one for each of Paris' STDs? :roflmfao:

    Hehe, just kidding! But it looks like she's buying Birthday cards, no?