Who's bothered by paying high tax on LV items?

  1. I was just thinking today, that it really sucks that I pay 8.5% tax on all my LV items. It's a pretty hefty amount IMO if you do the math. :push: I'm considering the Saleya and tax would be about $60. I could buy a lot with $60 (though not at LV). In the states, I cant think of anywhere else that has a higher tax rate, and almost all other states can buy from elux without paying tax which is a tremendous deal!! :drool: I wish I didn't have to pay tax either.
  2. ME :cursing: I hate Taxes
  3. I never pay tax on my LVs :p Gotta love Hawaiian phone orders!
  4. 100$ on the dentelle speedy.
  5. Come buy it in Australia....now that's high :supacool:
  6. I'll think about that from now on. Yall got some high prices.
  7. I was thinking to buy LV everytime I went holiday to overseas so I could get a tax refund...but I couldnt wait for that long :push: I hate paying taxes too, its just too expensive
  8. I try not to think about it- it's inevitable - we have to do it, I just can't dwell on it.
  9. I guess there's always the eluxury route!
  10. EHmmm.. SOME people pay 25% taxes on their LV stuff. :smile: 8,5% is nothing.
  11. only 8.5% hahah we have 14% here in ontario.. :cursing: We are taxed to death!!!

  12. 14% and 25%, WOW. Now, I am really thankful for elux.
  13. We could just make a list of sales tax in different countries to see what people would pay in tax if they buy it from store. I believe the prices on LV UK and France sites are with sales tax.
  14. I dont like paying the tax on them but mine is only 6%.
  15. Yea, I haven't bought from elux yet...doh