Who's Being Cupid to their SAs

  1. I know some of us buy gifts for our SAs on the holidays and was just wondering if anyone is doing anything special for theirs for Valentines Day and if so what. DH and I ordered a fruit bouquet with some tasty treats and a stuffed animal and may also be picking up a gift card to a store she likes. She always is so sweet trying to get us what we want all the time. I'll be so sad if she ever leaves LV.
  2. aww thats so sweet of you!
  3. When I worked at Coach I used to get my SA a new leather coat or something along those lines for the holiday...once he left and I left Coach I got a new SA and this year after Xmas and I am getting her a pair of Diamond studs from the Jewelry store I work at...she is such a sweatheart and calls me all the time with new arrivals :smile: :heart:
  4. I'm kind of mad at my SA right now......long story. I might be switching stores, so we'll see.
  5. I was thinking of getting my two SAs something but I'm having a hard time deciding. I was thinking of sending cupcakes.
  6. wow you all are so nice to your SAs! unfortunately I don't see mine often enough to get her anything! My LV purchases happen less than a few times a year...when I have a job though, I will definitely consider gifts for SAs!
  7. OMG... that so sweet... gals like BLING..:yes:
  8. love cupcakes..hope u make enough for thme to share.:p:idea: