whos been to the JUICY flagship local in SF?

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  1. So whos been to the juicy couture san francisco flagship store? I heard its over 4 stories and is over 5k sq feet! They had one smaller location next to bloomingdales on market street, but now the new location is open!

    whos been?

    Ill be there tommorrow, im hoping they have great things since they are flagship :graucho:
  2. 4 stories!:nuts: have a great time! I just went to the new Valley Fair location
  3. yup--went, nothing exciting. first floor is accessories, handbags, sunglasses, shoes...2nd floor is more of couture juicy couture items..one of a kind dresses, fur's etc...the expensive stuff 3rd was kids and womens clothes and 4th was employees only ahah.

    there are two juicy stores in sf now.
  4. so crazy! i saw the flagship one's annoucement awhile back, before they said it was to be in the SFC as well!

    on one hand i can see why, b/c it's so popular

    but on the other hand...it's only a few blocks away!

    then again, what am i saying. coach is in the mall as well as that area. as well as gap and BR


    i haven't seen the inside yet but outside is definitely more impressive!
  5. I was there...lot's of cute coats!
  6. ^^ doesnt the LOOK of the store make you want to just eat all the candy canes and gum balls everywhere? ahah

    oops forgot to meniton they have a mens floor aswell.

    I didnt find anything there, I think some of there stuff is a bit too 'overdone/childish for me' and im 24 :smile: