Who's been to Africa? Share your tips and experiences!

  1. I have recently begun to contemplate taking a trip to Africa. My primary goal is to see wildlife and nature. I don't care about visiting towns or any beaches. Furthermore, I'm a bit picky about accomodations.

    Has anyone here been to Africa? Where would you recommend going and why? Are there any particular guides or travel groups you found to be particularly good? Let's here those experiences!
  2. I'm also planning my dream vacation to Africa and look forward to reading about others' experiences.
  3. A very good friend of mine is from Kenya and once the political issues settle down, Kenya might be worth checking out for a trip. They've got lots of game reserves and organized tours also. Kenya has a large tourism draw too, due to the parks and beaches in coastal areas(and is also one of the more developed East African countries).

    I would not go to Kenya at the moment w/ the political issues and the recent violence b/t the parties (mostly tribal related), but once that is settled, I would not be terribly worried.

    Here's a general link about travel and various regions in Kenya, if interested:

  4. Great thread! I am studying in South Africa this summer and would love to hear everyone's stories =)
  5. Hey i've been to cape town and johannesburg. More on the touristy side. We stayed at the lost city for 5 days. There was so much to see there and all the wildlife was incredible. I felt like i was in one of the disney movie i.e lion king. lol I really like Cape town as well especially when we had lunch at one of the restaurant along the coast. The view was breathtaking and the boys in SA are hot !! Do not go to Chinese restaurants in SA because they suck imo. Enjoy your stay in Africa!
  6. We honeymooned for 3 weeks in Africa.

    Started in Cape Town, So Africa and spent 2 nights there. The Gardens & the wineries were beautiful. Food was not so great. We splurged and took the luxurious Blue Train from Cape Town to Pretoria in the north. That was one of the best nights of our life. Spent another night in Johannesburg then off to Botswana.

    Botswana was very expensive because we had to charter private planes to get around. Stayed at the Xugana Lodge, a private island that accomodates 16. Then stayed at the Chobe Game Lodge across from Namibia. Absolute paradise.

    We then spent two nights in Zimbabwe at Victoria Falls. Very sad country, incredibly high inflation and the locals seemed desperate. The country itself was beautiful but the politics were/are a complete mess.

    Then ended up back in South Africa at Mala Mala. National Geographic was at the camp at the same time we were filming lions. Saw the Big 5 and had the best time. It was a great way to end our trip. All in all it was a very expensive trip but it was our honeymoon so we wanted to splurge a bit.

    Go go go if you can!
  7. Chuggie, I've been to South Africa several times (have family there) and I highly recomend it. I would definately head to the beaches if I were you - they're gorgeous, especially the Plettenburg Bay area along the Garden Route. However, if you're looking for a safari type vacation, I went to Sabi Sabi Game Reserve in the Kruger National Park near the border of Mozambique (you can get there pretty easily from Johnnesburg). It was such a great experience! It's a private game reserve so you basically tell the ranger what animal you want to see and he'll try to find it for you. Gorgeous accomodations. Can get very pricey but soooo worth it.
  8. One thing was that the hotels can have salt water filled pools - that was something I wasn't used too. Alot depends on the country you're going too, I've been to Ghana.

    My fiance and I are thinking of a safari for a hooneymoon, so I'll be excited to read more about your plans.

    When buying souvenirs don't over bargain if the price seems fair. Enjoy yourself.
  9. chuggie,
    I have never been, but my FI & I looked into the option for a honeymoon. Personally, if we were to go, we would choose Botswana. Unfortunately with our schedules and situations right now, we weren't going to be able to do the trip we wanted, so we are going to wait a few years. While my vote for Botswana probably is not too helpful, I can tell you that the Fodors travel forums were pretty helpful to me when we were looking. If you search for safaris or keywords you are lookin for, you will probably find lots of information, which can help guide the research you do to plan a trip.

    Also, it may sound silly, but sometimes when I am planning a trip, I look at what other agencies put together to give me ideas. Peruse sites like Abercrombie & Kent and see where they are taking their clients, and then look for a way to put it together including only what you are interested in.

    I hope you get to go!
  10. I have been to Africa on 4 separate occasions. Once to the Seychelles (gorgeous country! nice and isolated), once to Egypt (on business and Egypt is gross), once to Morocco (only there for a day trip while in Spain), and then a near 3 month safari in Central Africa with my grandparents when I was 13. They love to travel. I wouldn't have gone half the places if it weren't for them. Went to Uganda, Rwanda, Eithiopia, Kenya, DRC, Tanzania, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and South Africa. Expirience of a lifetime! All the pics from africa are on film but I'm in the process of scanning and catolouging them. Its taking forver. We brought home 50 rolls of film!

    I really want to go to Ghana and Cote D'Ivoire. I've seen specials on Ghana (Anthony Bourdain No Reservations) and it looks like an amazing and exciting place. I would recommend Kenya, Namibia, and Botswana over South Africa. SA is a bit touristy and doesn't give you a well rounded african expirience.
  11. I'm from Tanzania but currently am in school in the US (Minnesota) Feel free to ask me any qs :smile:
  12. My tip is to go get your immunizations right away. Don't wait till the last minute or they'll put you on hallucinogens to prevent malaria! Have fun!
  13. Actually, i dont believe you can be immunized for malaria-you have to take the pills. However there are at least three different malaria preventatives-only one of them(Larium) causes a bad reaction in some people. Just make sure to read up on them and start taking it before your trip-that way if you do react it will be at home near your own doctor.
  14. I think that's correct. My friend John had to go on last minute business travel and apparently there was a drug that doesn't cause hallucinations that he could have gotten if he had just gone to the doc earlier. So his entire business trip he was 'trippin'.

    I'm so glad work has never sent me to Africa on last-minute travel.

    OP, I hope you have an awesome adventure!
  15. I've been living in Africa (different places in both East, west, south and Central africa) for the past 4-5 years..while I don't consider myself an expert feel free to send me a message if you have any questions..

    Get your immunizations, make sure you take alot of insect repellents and have fun!

    I'm quite picky about accomodations as well so I know you might be a bit nervous but don't be...you will definitely find a nice place to stay in each town you plan on visiting

    if this is your first visit to africa, try not to be only focused on places like cape town and south africa. even though south africa is one of my most favorite places in the whole world! maybe try to visit mozambique as well, i can make some good recommendations there...