whos been charged for magenta LE?

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  1. thinking I had canceled my order for the magenta LE gold hardware city, I was charged $1595.00 earlier this morning. I am neutral with the issue, I guess I would not mind having a limited edition magenta with giant hardware..that would set me apart from the other gals with RH and those who dont even know about the promo..

    so who else was charged this morning for there magenta LE?

    now the long wait...ugh.
  2. Yep, I've been charged. $1195 for the RH.
  3. hmmmmmmm... not sure. my mom faxed the order in this morning, and talked to Crystal, too. I imagine it's been put through. btw, I got the same hardware as you, joonam11. : )
  4. $1369 for rh is pending on my cc; damn those NYS taxes!! I did call to cancel but they would only let me cancel it with Whit and he was not available. I left him a voice mail but I guess he did not receive it or it was too late.
  5. have not checked yet, but did go to the show, and saw the LE magenta with SGH in real life, and i have to say , it was quite nice. i also saw a violet bag, and it was not really what i thought it was going to be. i think that anyone that wanted a bag with " pop" should stick to the magenta.
  6. fiatflux, were you charged $1195 or $1369? im so excited about getting the magenta LE but not so excited about those damn ny taxes! yay! and argh!
  7. I cancelled my order yesterday, soooo happy I did! I think I want an Anthracite more than Magenta.
  8. I was charged and I'm happy! ;)
  9. Balenciaga Love, or other California PFers, were you charged tax? Ihaven't checked the CC statement yet. lol
  10. I was charged $1195 .... you only get charged the taxes if you live in NY state. It makes a big difference... :yucky:
  11. ordered twice at BalNY....no tax for cali:smile:
  12. So, anybody back from the trunk show? how does the magenta look? 'fess up :biggrin: (I've already heard how great it looks with the Silver GH)
  13. ^

    I'm really curious as to how it looks with gold hardware! that's what I ordered. : )
  14. Im glad silver GH is looking appealing, I cant wait to see the Giant GH on it..I am actually excited now that I think about it. Also glad I dont live in NY and dont have to pay tax :smile:
  15. I haven't been charged yet! But I'm ordering my bag through Whit. So maybe he hasn't been in to charge it?!