Who's around for a PM reveal =)

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  1. Okay I normally never do reveals on here. This one just showed up at work and I couldn't resist. Who's ready!! Sorry for the pic quality, I am at work so cell pics. only.
    lv1.jpg lv2.jpg lv3.jpg lv4.jpg
  2. Ooooh! I love this one. It looks great on you!
  3. Great bag!
  4. Nice , love your bag. Congrats
  5. gorgeous, congrats!
  6. Very nice!
  7. I love it!!! Is this the sully in DE?

  8. Thanks Ladies! Roxsand... This is the new Portobello PM size. It also comes in a GM Size. This PM is a little larger than the Sully in the PM size. Offical release date is 10/1/12, I believe. Has the nice rich suede type interior, not the usual red color though, it's a chocolate brown color interior. I like it, however the red would make it easier to see inside for my keys :P
  9. How much is the PM size? I'm sure it's somewhere in a thread, but I haven't looked. I'm trying to pick out a DE bag I like. This looks great on you! And I love your boots! You're lucky you get to wear such cute boots to work lol. I'm guessing it'll slouch more as it breaks in??
  10. Beautiful Bag!
    Congrats :smile:
  11. Congratulations
  12. Thank you...these boots are hands down the most comfortable boots I have owned in my life. Love them! Casual Friday :graucho: The PM was $1340.00
  13. Oooooh you lucky girl!!! Beautiful!! May I ask how you were able to get her before the release date? I was at LV this morning and they didn't have it out yet.
    Congrats!!!!! :smile:
  14. Thanks for the info! I've been wanting a bag in the DE print and I think I just found it :smile:
  15. Lovely bag, congratulations! How much would you say it holds in comparison to other LV bags? Do have to say I wish it had the red interior as well, though, but the microfibre is so lush!