Who's Anticipating Balenciaga gifts....

  1. ...for :heart:V'Day:heart: next week?
    For a while, I thought I had a good chance of scoring the black City I've been wanting so badly.
    But....we just purchased several pieces of furniture for our living room and still have several more to buy (not including window treatments, lighting, etc., etc., etc.) - so....I think it's going to be a spa certificate for me. I'm going for a long weekend at the end of this month to Atlantic City with my girls.
    I still want my BBag.

    What's on your wish list for Valentine's Day, ladies? :yahoo:
  2. I wish I could say I was expecting a Bbag! In reality, I'll probably just get a nice dinner out...or some perfume (which I had been wanting).
  3. SO got me a Magenta City with SGH. Well. I ordered it anyways lol he reimbursed me.
  4. That DEFINITELY counts!
    She's beautiful! :roflmfao:
  5. No Balenciaga gifts for me. However I think the weekend of Valentines DH and I are going to NY; so my gift will be going to BalNY! I have never been there before. Sadly though I don't think I will be able to take anything home with me. Flights, hotels, and dining will be expensive enough.

    Happy early V-Day everyone! :heart:
  6. Happy V-Day all!

    Dh and I never make a big deal out of V-day anyway, but this year there really is nothing I'm expecting as I just started back at work after an unpaid leave, so we need to recoup before another bbag comes into the fold!
  7. I'm expecting a whole lotta nothin. My DH hates shopping, so I buy my own gifts every holiday. I recently bought a bbag as well as a twilly at Hermes, so I'm calling those my V-day gifts. Unfortunately I buy stuff and then use some upcoming holiday as an excuse to get it. I'm so far ahead of myself that this stuff should actually be my V-day presents for 2009!
  8. Dh & I.. have already planned out gifts for each other.. (that way both people are happy, & both gives us a chance to splurge).. and I've snuck in a few. This year, I opted for a Chanel Jumbo purchased during the EGC event & a wallet (redeemed the egc card). Dh, is getting a new apple computer. A nice dinner out.. and probably a walk @ the beach in the evening (to walk off dinner!) ;)
  9. will prolly get a dozen roses, chocolate, and a nice dinner out.

    BF says he has something big planned for us when he hits his monetary goal in March. I keep joking its my e-ring ;) (a gal can dream!) but we shall see
  10. definitely no bbag for me :crybaby:
    LOL but it's ok
    chocolate+roses+dinner out is good enough for me
  11. i wish i was... my so would never help me on my bbag addiction.. lol :smile:

    nice dinner would be just perfect!
  12. I wish!! The only Balenciaga gifts I get are the ones I buy myself! :smile: I wish I could train my SO to think about Bbags as gifts.
  14. I am suffering very much :crybaby: ;my love has told me that a magenta :nuts: will arrive...but he has also told me that he will not give me the gift before February 14... :death: why is there a lot of cruelty :devil: to this world? This gift was initially not destined to be a gift for theValentine's Day..therefore why cannot I have it before????? :sneaky:
  15. You will get no sympathy from me! LOL!!!
    That's a GOOD kind of suffering!
    Can't wait to see her when you get her.
    Happy V'Day!