Who's afraid of ebay?

  1. Hi, I enjoy looking at eBay and scouring for 'bargain' high end bags, but I'm just so afraid of being scammed so I haven't purchased any bags from eBay. I had some Chanel and LV bags authenticated but I am still so worried I just can't buy from eBay (DH is also a PHH so he is another obstacle and always has a hissy fit when I mention I want a nice bag so I still don't own any).

    I don't really want to pay full retail price at the store so I look at ebay but I don't buy out of fear of being conned. Its a catch 22 situation and I can't break this vicious cycle. Arghhhhhh!!

    Are there others out there who are so nervous of ebay so they don't buy anything but at the same time feel they are missing out on good deals? I need therapy I feel paralysed.

    OK I feel really pathetic for saying all the above but I needed to get it off my chest. May be ebay isn't the problem but my DH?

    I don't know what advice people can give (if any) but thanks for reading.
  2. I think there are lots of fantstic ebayers on there who are really reputable and I use time and time again.

    There is a thread on here somewhere about good ebayers and also about who to avoid.

    Have a search through there, see what they are listing and don't be afraid to make that leap - once you do there will be tons to follow!

    Good luck
  3. I think there are still plenty of deals & reputable sellers on ebay. You can also use the 'authenticate this' forum. Unfortunately only the scams make the news.
    If you find a bag you like, but don't know much about the designer or what to look for when buying a bag there are lots of resources for you right here on TPF.
    Having a great bag to me is a wonderful feeling and something a husband should not be allowed to deny.
    Treat yourself well and trust me your husband will get over it!
  4. I am NOT afraid to buy. I live in Alaska and its my only way to buy Coach bags cheaper then Coach.com :smile: And I have had nothing but positive experiences! Minus one bad experience with a Gucci bag.

    I AM afraid to start selling! I have tons of name brand baby/toddler clothes I want to sell on Ebay some NWT. However, I keep reading horrow strories and it is making me put it off, even though I have everything ready to set up an auction!!! :shame:
  5. Well, I've had some bad experiences with Ebay and that's why I avoid it completely which really sucks because I know there are reputable sellers. I just can't seem to find them. Their feedback can be misleading which confuses me even more. I bought a Prada bag from a Power Seller with a 99% feedback and I knew it was a complete fake before I took it out of the box. That's how cheap looking it was. Then I supposedly bought an authentic Kooba bag which had a different color lining than what was posted. The Kooba plate also looked like it was imprinted badly. When I contacted the seller, she used the line of "Well, for about half-off the regular price, you're carrying a Kooba bag." I explained to her that it wasn't a Kobba bag but a fake and I would rather pay the full price to carry something authentic. I couldn't believe she was trying to rationalize her fake posting. I should have reported her and the other seller but I was just so angry.

    So, yeah, I feel you.
  6. Thanks for the advice secret_shopaholic and westiegirl. When I'm on ebay I see sellers with 99% or 100% feedback and then I've put some of their bags on the 'authenticate this' thread and to my dismay the authenticators cannot say for sure that what they are selling is genuine and sometimes they have fakes! I am so grateful (and I'm sure everyone else is too) that the authenticators, in their respective forums, only give their approval to bags they are confident is authentic.

    There is also a thread by a PFer who purchased a Chanel bag from an ebay seller with a 99.9% feedback and her bag is FAKE!! (I think she had it authenticated in the Chanel forum after she bought it.)

    I will do a search for great ebay sellers and just have to bite the bullet and IGNORE PHH!!!!!
  7. 86leo, I don't think I've got anything worth selling, but yes I've also been reading of problems people are having trying to sell stuff.

    csamcharlie, I wish there was more that could be done to con artists other than fight to get your money back or leave negative feedback. We should sue the lying con artists.
  8. There certainly are still decent sellers on ebay & you should look at the thread for recommendations.
    I hate being asked to authenticate bags. It is usually easy to spot fakes especially the hideous ones but as the fakes are now so darned good that it is possible to make a mistake,I always tell buyer to seek second opinion.
  9. i AM afraid of ebay!lol...never gonna buy high end fashion products from them EVER!!moreover when I got problem w/ paypal when I bought camera from ebay and the seller run away...

    however, I have ever bid on ebay on a balenciaga bag ONCE..not win it though..but i trust the seller because she said she is a member of TPF and when I look at her post, she was nice and all that..
    i can always contact her here, i mean...it makes me a little relieved..:smile:
  10. i am totally scared of ebay i ALWAYS look on it and NEVER EVER bid i just watch things i want sell away :sad:

    BUt i cant do it im too scared i dont want to deal with the hassle of what if its fake trying to get my $ back and all ,,, its too scary

    and im sure there are some real ones, but i feel like if i search a popular brand like balenciaga, coach, chanel, louis v, gucci i feel like of what comes up maybe 87% of it is fake and then in there somewhere are the real 13 % but its so hard to weed them out that i dont even try :sad:

    I wish i could get those deals but i just am down right too scared and so i find my way around it , craigslist where you can see the item before you buy, or fellow TPFers who have amazing stuff! :smile: but i guess for some stuff its just not meant to be,,,for me at least
  11. I never purchase on eBay unless I have an item authenticated by the Purse Forum or mypoupette.com. But usually I use these boards because they're free! Ha ha. You definitely need to be very careful, but rest assured there are decent, honest sellers out there (like me and many others on the board!).
  12. I buy on Ebay all the time. I have probably purchased 1000 items in the past 7 years. Saved 10's of thousands of dollars. Most things are new with tags, and I have a whole bedroom thats my closet besides dressers and a double closet full. I have been stuck with one fake bag in the 100 or so I've purchased. I'm not sure if I can post a .com site here, but I'm with a forum group called knowknockoffs. We're a group committed to getting fakes off the net and do have many fake sellers kicked out. Feel free to look and ask questions. There is pretty much unofficial experts on several big brands of handbags and we'll gladly share our knowledge with you.
  13. Don't be too afraid fo Ebay. You just have to be careful. Feedback can be misleading because a lot of people don't educate themselves on what they are buying. I have bought and sold on Ebay and so far I have only come across one bad seller (for a $10 item) but everything worked out OK.

    Really you just need to be smart and educate yourself before you buy. Forums like this have been great resources too.
  14. I can understand your fear of ebay. Although I have bought many expensive items off ebay and have had a couple of bad experiences, I still can't stay away (especially if I'm looking for a bag that's no longer sold in stores)! Another method might be to closely follow the sales on eluxury, bluefly, Saks, etc. A lot of times you can get a great bag for much less, and have assurance that it is real.
  15. I would not purchase LV from ebay unless I had some information of the seller.