Who's a sorority gal (or frat guy) on tpf?

  1. I'm a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Just wondering how many of us here are members of organizations.
  2. I am an alumni of Delta Phi Epsilon.
  3. Delta Gamma alumna here!!
  4. i WAS a Delta Gamma, but i de-sistered. sorority life was not for me!
  5. Alpha Chi Omega alumna here!
  6. I'm an Alpha Delta Pi alumna! So much fun!
  7. I'm an Alpha Gamma Delta alumnae.
  8. i'm an alumna of Alpha Kappa Delta Phi, but short of de-sistering i never really did anything with the sorority :p. sorority life wasn't really for me either
  9. Delta Sigma Theta- El Pasi Alumnae
  10. Is the sorority / frat thing like we see it in the movies? We don't have these organisations in Australia.
  11. I am! Loves it, LOL!
  12. Phi Sigma Sigma alumna here!
  13. Proud and active member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.!!
  14. Delta Gamma alumna!