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  1. Ladies who here is a smoker?
    How long have you smoked?
    Do you plan on quitting?
    How many packs a week?

    I have smoked cigarettes several times before but I always hated it, I would start coughing and choking with the smoke.:throwup:
  2. Nope. But I used to, actually its only been 4 months since I last quit.
  3. I smoke. About a pack a day.

    I do want to quit.

    I don't smoke in my house or around my kids.

    I am going to go to a stop smoking program that a local hospital puts on here, probably in the fall.
  4. Not me, I have asthma!
  5. good luck! It's a hard habit I hear, but SOOO worth it to kick!:flowers:
  6. ^^ Thanks. It's a very hard habit. Especially when you like it, like me. But, I want to do it for my kids, and I need help to do it.
  7. Yes, I smoke. I would say maybe 3-5 cigs a day. I don't smoke in the house, in the car or in front my DH or son which leaves me no time to do it at all sometimes!!!:lol: I would say I am more of a social smoker. I have quit before but started again out of boredom.:shame:
  8. Very rarely, drinking and smoking just go together like bagels and cream cheese.
  9. I quit smoking well over a year ago when my husband had his heart attack. I still miss it but will not go back to it.
  10. Ever since I was in college -- around 15 years ago at this point! -- I have smoked when I drank. This has not really changed. I go out for drinks about one or two nights a week now, at the most. (In college I went out about four or five nights a week!) So I probably have around five cigarettes a week. If there is a "special occassion" like a huge party or a wedding or something, I might have ten cigs in one outing, other wise, just a few.

    For a brief period of time -- about a year in grad school -- I smoked regularly during the day (almost a pack a day, gulp:wtf: ). But I quit doing that years ago.

    Nonetheless, I can't seem to totally ditch the smoking while drinking thing. In some ways, I don't even care because I really don't think a couple of cigaretts here and there are going to kill me. I'm just glad I don't have a total addiction. But it would be nice not to crave them every time I have more than two drinks -- especially when I'm around people who don't smoke.

    On a positive note, I went out for dinner tonight and had two glasses of wine w/ my meal, and two after dinner drinks. But I had NO cigarettes, so I'm making progress:wlae:
  11. think of all the money you could save for handbags! LOL!

    Isn't it a very expensive habit?
  12. Nope. Never have.
  13. PS -- when I quit smoking every day (and moved to only having cigarettes occassionally with drinks) I used nicotene gum and thought it was FABULOUS. It totally helped me. I still use it occassionally if I feel stressed and like I want to smoke, or if I am out drinking and don't want to smoke in front of whomever I am with.

    Obviously, it's not healthy to chew too much nic gum either, but it has totally helped me, so TR444, if you are trying to cut down and quit, I'd definitely reccommend some gum. You can get a great deal on it at Walmart.

    Good luck:flowers: It's the healthy thing to do.
  14. i don't smoke anymore.. however, i use to but i'm glad i quit..
  15. Ditto! Knowing what it is like not being able to breathe, I will never understand deliberately doing something that would cause this.

    My BF is in the process of quitting now, thank goodness.