Who's @ A Marc .Jacob's Show, Wearing, A Police Tracking Ankle Bracelet ?

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    In what can only be considered a poor attempt at humor, Michelle Rodriguez sported a fake police tracking ankle bracelet to the Marc Jacobs fashion show last night. Is she trying to remind Hollywood that she can still play the tough, hard-nosed latina chick because she was arrested twice last year.
  2. :wtf: and what is she wearing? I think she is pretty though.
  3. :yucky:
  4. ..who is she?
  5. seems like a classy broad.

    note the sarcasm...
  6. She most recently played the character of Ana Lucia on "Lost".
  7. wow.. :shrugs:
  8. why was SHE there anyways? :wtf:
  9. I think a gray one would have gone better with the shoes and dress.
  10. :wtf: Ugh, i NEVER get her??
  11. Please get her out of my sight!
  12. Was the purpose to simultaneously cut off the line of her leg and make her look like a convict?
  13. damn, those are some muscular calves.... that dress is yucky!
  14. i have no idea what's going on, but she's got an AWESOME body!:nuts:
  15. Fab shoes though... and to think Olivier cheated on Kylie with her!!