Who's a fan of Deerskin Downtown?

  1. I've been reading up the threads on DT's. I recently purchased 2 - a black deerskin and a red patent. I love them both, but there seems to be a very small number of fans for deerskin vs. buffalo (out of ALL the celebs seen with DT, I have only seen one, Denise Richards, carrying a deerskin). I love the smoothness of the deerskin but really, really wish it had a zipped pocket (on the inside; I'm not as partial to the pocket on the outside). I think both looks are great (more classy/ understated for deerskin vs. modern/ hip for buffalo), but because I'm still debating whether or not to keep my deerskin (vs. exchanging it with buffalo), I'd like to see what the opinions from deerskin owners/ fans:
    1) Why you chose this vs. buffalo (is it leather? Look? Wear?)
    2) How are you liking it (practicality wise)
    3) Since the DT is meant as a day bag and lugging around tons of stuff, is the "edgy" look just more suited for its purpose? (i.e. Buffalo leather that needs less babying and looks more casual vs. a classy look but in a casual shape).

    I'm just trying to make the "right" investment since I plan to use this bag for a long time, so thanks so much for your opinions!
  2. Yes, most people are very partial to the pocket. Keeping the deerskin would be great because, like you said, it is more understated and variety is important when you spend so much on a bag. Downtowns are great casual or as work bags depending on how you dress, regardless of which leather.

    By the way the red patent is gorgeous. You should take some modelling shots and show it off! :heart:
  3. i have a deerskin and I love it.. its so soft and the interior is all suede.. I like the pocket too.. and one day will have another DT and it will be buffalo.. but i am glad I have a deerskin too.. I have a black medium large DT and I get som many compliments on in.. and its more understated

    and I agree pics of the red patent asap.. I love that bag.. just got the OS black patent croc muse and its my new favorite but I have eyed that red patent DT for a while
  4. I have the chocolate in the deerskin & I love the softness of the leather & the suede lining. I tried to make myself love the buffalo with a pocket more but I kept the deerskin & decided I could live without the front pocket. I don't remember the buffalo having an inside zip pocket... does it? The deerskin has the inside slip pocket that I keep my phone & mirror in. The red patent is so stunning.. I'd love that or the purple patent!

  5. Hi! Yes, the buffalo does have an inside zip pocket, which is what I prefer (and would use more) than the front pocket. I've tried putting my phone in the inside slip pocket but it's slipped out a few times :sad:... The red is gorgeous but it's being repaired (GRR!) The stitching on the inside zip pocket lining has fallen apart (so it's an easy repair -- but it's just annoying since it's new), and Saks wouldn't take it back because they can repair it. So it better come back perfect or else!! lol...

    I am still torn -- I have been looking at the Buffalo all week long... and my SA is holding one for me in case I want to exchange it. Sigh... Decisions, decisions. If I could, I'd get both!!

    Btw - that chocolate in deerskin is gorgeous (i have the black) -- can you post photos??

  6. What color would you get if you get a Buffalo in the future? :smile: