Whoopy! Whoopy! Rocker got her Floopy!

  1. So excited girls...on our (the H gals) recent trip to Alaska, I was brought face to face with the most perfect, floopy Birkin in the world. Graphite, clemence, ph!:drool: Well, I couldn't resist!
    Special thanks to Auntie Frenchie who watched over her until I could pick her up this past Tues (had her shipped to Auntie and then picked her up on a business trip that I had to take).
    No striptease here! I'm working like a dog this week, lots of travel, but wanted to post before I run off to yet another business meeting!:heart::heart:
    floopy 001_1.jpg floopy 002_1.jpg
  2. Just gorgeous, and look at that plush Clemence---congrats RC!!!!
  3. Did I hear Graphite w PH h/w? RC - She's goregous. It's definitely worth working those long hours to feed your H addiction.:love::love:

    CONGRATS!!! Please poke her little belly for me!
  4. Congrats on your new floop!!!

    Oh, BTW, I'm sure you look hot with it.;)
  5. :roflmfao:HG, you make me laugh!!

    Thanks gals! I've got my floop on!
  6. looks so comfy and easy to use! love it.
  7. Congratulations!
  8. Awww She's gorgeous Rockerchic!!
  9. man, that bag has some sexy swagger...just like her owner;)

    Congrats, looks like Round 3 brought some luck
  10. It's a dream!!!! Congrats!!!!
  11. Great addition to your H family, rc! Congratulations! :tup:
  12. RC : She's gorgeous !!!! love this colour in clemence !!!!
    CONGRATS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Yay, congratulations.

    She's floopalicious.
  14. Wow she's so pretty!! congrats!

    oh god, my wish list is getting longer and longer...
  15. Stunning!!!!! Congrats!!! That color looks very nice on you when we were at the store.
    Wear it in good health.