Whoops? I just pre-saled a MbyMJ Teri!

I'll start this by saying that I'm a girl of humble means and have never bought a new HE bag - all my Marc Jacobs bags have been purchased secondhand.

Here's the story:

I went by Saks on my lunch break to hit the Kiehl's counter and as I walked by the bag section I saw all the pre-sale tables. I figured it wouldn't hurt to look (HA) and wandered over the the premier section. After molesting a Stam and a Miu Miu satchel I then went to look at the MbyMJ bags. I'd never really seen the turnlock bags in person but dang, they are NICE. Such soft leather!

I tried on a few and they were okay, but when I got to the black Teri and tried it on in the mirror, bang! It was true love. What a perfect, perfect bag. Not huge, not small, luscious soft leather, so perfect.

I hemmed and hawed and chatted with another girl who was being tempted by a Furla bag. We both enabled, uh, encouraged each other to go for it. Finally, with shaking hands, I carried my new Teri up to the counter. I signed up for a Saks card for an extra 10% off, so I got her 40% off retail and I can pick her up on Wednesday. I can't wait!

Frances Bean

Nov 13, 2006
ahaha "molesting" the stam made me laugh. You made a great choice though! Congrats! I use my teri everyday and I love it!! I'm sure you will too.
Aug 7, 2006
San Francisco
Keen you are such an enabler!! I think I would do the same though, haha...

Congrats on your purchase! You gotta show pics. I've been thinking to get a MbyMJ too. The leather is to die for!:drool: