Whooo Hoooo!!!! My Chanel Kelly is Finally Here!!!

  1. First, I just want to say thank you to all of you for sharing my excitement with me! You ladies are the best!!! :love: Thank you so much!:heart:

    Ok, All I can say is that this bag is Gorgeous! I cannot stop feeling the leather- it is so soft, like butter! And the silver hardware is stunning! By the way, do I need to do anything to protect her?

    It was a long day, and I am already in my comfy clothes which are hardly worthy of my new Chanel!!! But I promise to take more pics tomorrow when I am more presentable!

    Here she is: Black Lambskin Kelly with Silver Hardware (small)

    Chanel_Watermarked.jpg Chanukah 063_watermarked.jpg Chanel 070_watermarked.jpg Chanel2_watermarked.jpg
  2. OH JAG!!!!!!!! She's gorgeous!:love:
    I'm SO happy you love her!!!
  3. OMG Jag!! Finally! She is amazing, love the hardware. Congrats!!
  4. I may own a Hermes black box Kelly, but this is freakin' GORGEOUS!!!
    :yahoo: :heart: :love: :yahoo:
  5. OOOOH!!!!! LOVES THIS ONE! I like this leather ALOT!!!!!!!!!
  6. I am loving that hardware too! Good for you...you really deserve this baby!!!

    Is PHH taking this new bag well?
  7. Thank you so much Swanky, Irishgal, Jill and Kellybag (LOL)!!! I really appreciate everyone's excitement!

    And to the Chanel ladies- this place is freaking dangerous! I am already trying to pick out a matching wallet!
  8. Wow, gorgeous bag - Congrats
  9. Jag -

    Oh isn't she beautiful !?!
    mine arrived today also ... heeheehee
  10. Still in denial, and I like it that way- I'm more familiar with him like that then if he were the one jumping up and down like a chimpanzee! But he is being cool right now! (thank goodness)
  11. Thank you michele and queenvictoria (you better post pics too!!!)
  12. I wish we could have a little video of you jumping up and down. Now that would have been priceless!!
  13. ^^^Let me see what I can do about that!:p It might be a tad scary!
  14. So how does it feel on?
  15. Irishgal- it is so incredibly light! The handle sits comfortably in the crook of your arm!!! It is so comfortable.