WHOOHOOO!! Get to use my PCE LAST minute!!

  1. DH is in Hawaii on business and just got there tonight (Honolulu). He's walking by a bunch of Coach stores and my dang PCE card is sitting here!! I forgot to give it to him. I called one of the stores and they said NO PROBLEM so he's going Christmas shopping for me!! I asked for a medium Carly (hope I can handle a BIG bag...lol) but I think it will come in handy on our cruise this spring. Maybe he'll pick up something else as a surprise. WHOHOOO!!!
  2. YAY that makes me happy to hear! I hope he gets you a great surprise on top of medium Carly :smile: what color did you ask for?
  3. How come you're using your PCE in Hawaii...? Do they not have any more Carlys where you are? Hawaii retail for Coach is 20% more than the mainland, so with your PCE it'll only really be a 5% discount - which I guess is better than no discount?
  4. Congrats, but i was going to say the same thing.. in Hawaii you pay a LOT more. :tdown:
  5. Very true, BUT we live in Montana---NO Coach. SO, it was still cheaper than ordering on line AND they waived the sales tax since Montana doesn't have any.
  6. How is it cheaper than ordering on-line...? Isn't shipping costs like $20-40 in the continental US?
  7. Well atleast you got it! :tup: But in the future you can usually call just about any boutique in any state and they will give you the pce discount and waive the shipping charge.. you pay your own state's sales tax. :yes: Post pics when you get your lovely items!!! ;)
  8. To get my sales tax waived, I have to have it shipped to our Montana address. The SA at the Hawaii store said she could just have it shipped from JAX and he was able to use my PCE with state side prices. SO, I got the medium Carly for 25% off $348 (total was like $278. They are also doing free shipping over $150 so no charge for that (look on the website....it says free shipping over $150).

    The Hawaii boutiques had 25% off everything yesterday so he still got a couple things there (some exclusive to Hawaii, I guess). He wanted to surprise me with something. They still waived my sales tax and will ship to my home for free!! He was really impressed with them. He went to this one:

    HONOLULU, HI 96815

    I don't think the 25% sale is still going on tho. They sounded like it ended last night. He said the place was packed out.
  9. Ah, as long as you were able to get them for mainland retail + PCE that makes sense...

    I always laugh when our boutiques say things are 25% off because that's really not a discount when the merchandise is jacked up.