Whoohoo! F/W 2007 Scarves in the Stores (and I brought one home :)

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  1. They won't! We'll be lucky to find fall stuff in that "store-that-has-nothing" NEXT Spring!
  2. beautiful scarf Slemus! now they only have the rouge carmin left at the store...
  3. yep. they are a little late in sending them...
    FW scarves usually come out around this time though
  4. What a gorgeous scarf. I love the colors.
  5. Surely sky blue is season-less? We can all hope for crisp clear blue skies in the winter - even occasionally here in Manchester!
    But another bunch of scarves? Aw hell, just when I was hoping to stay out of shop till I was ready to order a bag. But duty calls!
  6. I love this scarf!! Thank you so much for sharing the pix. Adding to my list!! :yahoo:


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  7. i just saw the above scarf in their pink (light pink/peach) colorway. the lady who saw it gasped and bought it then and there!