Whoohoo! F/W 2007 Scarves in the Stores (and I brought one home :)

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  1. shopmom????
  2. and don't laugh too loud, CB, I see you there, too!
  3. Is the speckling in the weave???
    I am all atwitter with excitement!

  4. OK, they've done jacquard, waterproof, glow-in-the-dark, finesse....and now they're doing 3-D....that's kinda cool!

    I wonder if that freaky Josephine Danse inspired the 3-D?
  5. LOL, the funny thing is, if H issued scarf-viewing glasses, we would wear 'em, you know we would!!!! Even in our action pics!!!
  6. In the 90s they did one that was scented, I read. The scent was meant to last through 5 washings.
  7. ^that's right!

  8. I SO would....in a heartbeat!! Preferably in orange!

    Then they would all be up for sale on eBay for $200.
  9. nah - my moustache is a handlebar.
  10. i've seen this scarf in this colorway IRL and there is quite a bit of speckling, it's gorgeous! adds a totally new dimension (no pun intended). the leather looks like textured leather in real life, it's rather realistic. pics do NOT do it justice IMHO.
  11. :roflmfao:

  12. CB--it's not textured like a jacquard weave; it's all illusion (as far as I can tell). I am usually not attracted to equine-themed scarves, but when I received it, I was stunned. It's a show-stopper. I agree with Pigleto that pics don't do it justice.
  13. Tell me about it... it's been a dry scarf/pocket square/twilly at my H store :sad:
  14. Beautiful colours, congratulations
  15. It's beautiful.... i think you could wear it all year round.. i like that shade of blue! enjoy it!!!!:yes: