Whoohoo! F/W 2007 Scarves in the Stores (and I brought one home :)

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  1. Yup! It's because the pattern has some speckling or dotting; you can see it clearly here (in Rouge Carmin).

    Threw in the Carnet de Bal too since that's 2007 as well.

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  2. very cool -- in the first pic of the blue scarf it really looks like there's a long piece of leather on top of he scarf!

    love the dance cards . . . i sometimes wish i had lived when people went to balls. but if i did i would probably have been a scullery maid and not a ball-goer, so i suppose all is well as is.
  3. Didn't we all just receive the scarf booklet for S/S 2007 then why are the F/W scarves appearing in the stores?
  4. Just beautiful!!
  5. I asked the same thing this morning -- SA said that the F/W books wouldn't be out for another couple of *months* but the stores would be getting the FW goods over the next few *weeks*.

    Guess they figure die hards will either endlessly bug their SA's or find a way to make it to the stores as soon as word gets out and don't need any stinkin' book to make a purchase ;0 (best, steph.)
  6. ^^thanks for explaining this to me...BTW I love your scarf!
  7. The colours are so beautiful. Congratulations!
  8. That is my FAVORITE color combination (other than black/red/gold) Light blue and brown!!!! I always go for that combo....thus my drawer is a little blue/brown top heavy!!!! Gorgeous pics, thank you for posting!

    So....tomorrow when I go to the store-that-has-nothing, I'm hoping they have a little Fall something!!!!!!
  9. Beautiful slemus. My boutique doesn't even have "year of dance" brown ribbon yet.
  10. Gorgeous!!! Light blue/brown is my fav color combo for scarves too! :yes:
  11. Funny thought--because we're all such junkies, I reckon there's a very good chance that if everyone posts pix of any new FW purchases, TPF-H would have an unofficial version of the FW2k7 book before it actually hits our mailboxes or lands in the stores.

    Throwing down the gauntlet ladies (not that anybody reading this needs yet another enthusiastic enabler)...Curious as to whether TPF-H'ers will beat H to the punch?

    ...Only time will tell...steph

  12. tPF'ers checking out the A/W range:

  13. ^ that's DQ in the front row
  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
    GF, I just actually laughed out loud, that is hilarious.
  15. but all the guys...eric, thereallouis, jaeggerhomme?????