Whoohoo! F/W 2007 Scarves in the Stores (and I brought one home :)

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  1. Hey ladies -- just got back from the Beverly Hills H store--F/W scarves are just hitting the stores.

    Today's treat was a beautiful Projets Cadenas in Sky Blue -- great combination of blues with touches of light sage, blonde, and a teeny bit of Etoupe (got Etoupe on the brain)....BEAUTIFUL!! (correct me if I'm wrong but I believe 'Projets' is a re-issue?)

    SA told me that when it came in, she and all the other SAs were drooling over it in this colorway.

    Gotta run to a meeting with a customer (have to pay for this and the Tokyo big girl I ordered last week from H.com) but will post pix of this when I get back best, steph. :smile:
  2. OMG, that is the worst tease ever!!!!!

    (AND, Its terrible when earning a living interferes with urgent PF business.)

    I do not know this pattern?! Pics anyone?

    It sounds beautiful...!

    Congratulations!! I simply cannot wait for pictures!!
  3. OOOHHHH I want to see!!
  4. I want to see the pics too.
  5. Oh I can't wait either! Cobalt, you're so funny. Where are her priorities? LOL
  6. The torture of waiting....
  7. I KNEW the scarves wre due out soon! We need pics!!
  8. Ok, back from the customer call. Hopefully we can close that $1.5m deal so I can keep my H habit up. I'm telling you street drugs would be so much cheaper than the H crack but the fix just wouldn't be the same haha! ;)

    Here are the pix! I wear a lot of navy and a lot of white suits and thought it'd be a pretty counterpoint to wear with my multitudes of white shirts (I'm big into 'uniform' type dressing, makes it easy when you're pressed for time).

    What I can't figure out is, while i love love love this baby blue, it doesn't exactly scream Fall or Winter to me (well, maybe more Winter than fall)--does anyone else think its an unusual colorway for the season? I kind of see this as more of a spring deal and was a little surprised at it being F/W.

    So, get out there and find the new scarves! I want to see what else is out there to drool over :smile:

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  9. LOVE the colourway, slemus. Thanks so much for posting. I agree, it looks like a season-chameleon. I think it sounds perfect for your "uniform" :tup::heart:

    Thanks for sounding the "call to the hunt" for a new season of scarf drawer diving, too!!
  10. CONGRATULATIONS! I can't wait to see the rest of the new FW2007 scarves. It's been so ho hum at the stores with nothing new to look forward to!
  11. Does Hermes make many mousseline scarves for F/W?
  12. Lovely congrats!
  13. That's lovely.

    They do the Autumn/Winter range in a whole spectrum of colourways, as the scarves are rarely repeated and therefore they can't just restrict the colours to typically A/W or S/S. Personally, I would call thata spring colourway, but with the clothes you described, it will suit perfectly!

  14. Molls, they never used to make many, full stop (or period, as the US girls would say). They tend to release the mousselines in the designs from the past seasons, so you may see the newly released A/W range in mousselines next S/S.
  15. lovely! the design is showing up very 3-D on my monitor -- anyone else getting the same effect?