WHOO!! I've joined the Chloe club.....Presenting my Chloe Edith

  1. I visited the bag twice at NM when it was on the presale table...I never thought to ask about the price. So when Gucci didn't have the bag I wanted on sale, I just decided to ask..I'm glad I did!!! it was $765 on sale!!

    This is a late birthday present to myself :p

  2. Congrats! Great deal and gorgeous bag!
  3. HOly Smokes! You look FABULOUS! Love it! Congratulations, and welcome to the addiction!
  4. Looks GREAT on you!! Love the Bbag too
  5. Congrats on a wonderful deal!
  6. Congrats. I will soon be joining you. I bought on during that sale too.
  7. LOVELY! It looks great on you too!!!! I wish I got a good price like that on my bags:sad:.
  8. Congrats! Beautiful bag...
  9. That's so great! A beautiful bag and an awesome price, congrats!! :yahoo:
  10. Congrats! You look great with your Edith. =)
  11. Welcome to the club! :wlae:
  12. Yay!!! love the Edith! Looks great on you. I am glad there are still people out there who loves it. =D
  13. Beautiful!!! congrats
  14. Lovely Edith! I love the b-bag too :graucho:
  15. Love the Edith and Love it with your dress! Awesome deal on a bag that was once $1300!!!