Whoo Hooo Mono Rivet

  1. My SA just called me and they are holding a Mono Rivet bag for me!
    I am so excited! Those of you that have it already, do you love it, what's your feelings on it?
  2. I love this bag. Hope you get get it.
  3. I am getting the pochette on Monday, they are holding one for me... very excited.
  4. i love mine
  5. The longer I have mine..The more I adore it!Its so cute!!!!LOL!I got both of them!
  6. congrats! I don't have one, but I really want the pochette.
  7. Someone please post a picture of the inside of the bag, I would love to know what it looks like inside....unless is it up on eLux yet, I could not find it for complete description . . .. .

    Yes, the bag is gorgeous I think.
  8. I think it's not very pretty, but I'm happy for you getting a bag you want! I'm sure you'll make it look good somehow. ;)
  9. I think its a great bag, congrats
  10. i like that bag. i hope you get.
  11. How much is it ? Thank you!
  12. The big one is 1950..Pochette is 675
  13. Beautiful bag, but not for me.

    Congrats though girlie!!
  14. yay! i hope you get it
  15. its a gorgeous bag! early congrats!