Whoo hooo.. I can finally bring work home!…

  1. in my spanking new...............:wlae:

    Batignolles Horizontal :tender: …. (doesn’t mean I’ll be doing any work at home thou.. heheh)

    After many weeks of searching and hunting on ebay... I decided I had enough of the mini heart breaks of not being the winning bidder... so I walked right in to LV, tried on a trillion billion bags, swip out the amex and got that much love bag. I can't wait for work tomorrow!! (:yahoo: did I just say that out loud?..must be the new bag syndrome)
    Picture 005.jpg Picture 007.jpg BAG BATIGNOLLES.JPG
  2. Beautiful! Congrats!:yahoo:
  3. Congrats! The BH is a GREAT bag for work. Enjoy!
  4. Thank guys.. Actually thanks to everyone who bragged about how great this bag is, coz its fantastic!! Lovin it!
  5. Congrats! It looks great on you! I have a BH, and love it.
  6. Congrats! Welcome to the BH club!
  7. :wlae: Congrats, enjoy!
  8. this bag is growing on me, i am starting to like it! congrats!
  9. Gorgeous, congrats!
  10. Congrats! It looks great on you!
  11. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: Love my BH!!:girlsigh: BH RULE!!!!!!! heehee!:wlae:
  12. [​IMG] The bag looks great on you!! Congrat's.

  13. Looks great on you..congrats!!!
  14. Gorgeous bag! Great choice! :yes:
  15. yipeee! you look great with it. congrats!