Whoo-Hoo!! Heloise is Here!!


& My Motos & Shoes!
Sep 13, 2006
The Windy City
:yahoo:I got my Plum Heloise this afternoon!! She's such a beauty!! I promise to post pics, probably in the morning -- my camera takes better pics in natural light and I want them to really show how beautiful this bag is!!

My decision was made easier -- the Gazelle was gone :sad: -- Surprisingly, there was a second Plum (I think it was a customer return). So if anyone's looking -- Nordstroms in OakBrook, IL. Both bags were a little different -- the one I bought is actually a little bit lighter in color. I liked how deep the Plum was on the other one, but the leather was smoother and it was almost one single tone throughout. The leather also wasn't as soft on that one. The bag I bought is so soft and smushy and you can really see the multiple dimensions of color. It's such a beauty!!

The best part -- they did a price match and I got her for more than $250 LESS than retail!!! I had gone online last night to the Matches website (UK). I went through all the steps as if I was going to buy the bag. Because I'm in the US, once the VAT was deducted, the price came out to $1412 US. I had actually thought about ordering the bag through them, but then thought about customs and how long it might take to get here (and if for some reason I had to return it, it could be a hassle). I decided I had nothing to loose by asking if they'd price match -- She looked at the page and saw that it was exact same bag, same color and everything and said that Sure, she could price match!! How great is that?!:nuts::nuts:

I promise to post pics asap -- I just don't want to take bad ones only to have to repost better ones in the am -- Thanks for all the help and support in deciding -- I just know I'm going to LOVE this bag!