wholesale than share with the rest?

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  1. Hi guys, I just found this site (but belong to a few more that I don't know if I can trust)!! I have a question for you! My husband just received a wholesale / tax id to buy computer parts (he's a computer network VP and builds computers on the side - yep married a nerd). Well guess what? It works for ANY product not just computer parts. Light going off! I am a purse addict - I confess. I have 2 LV, 1 Fendi, 1 Hermes (older), 2 Prada & 5 coach. Not to mention the 3 fakes I ended up with on ebay ARGH. Has anyone thought about buying wholesale and sharing with other handbag addicts? From what I read as long as you sell it for 1 cent more than you paid for it it is perfectly legal! I have to check with our accountant to see about the tax ramifications. Anyone out there doing this? If so count me in!

    If not how in the world would I go about finding a legitimate supplier? I have some printouts that I found on the internet about spotting fakes. I guess the BBB would know. Do you think they would want me to purchase a gazillion bags? Why hasn't anyone thought of this? i don't know how to work out the trust issue on either side, but I'm still in the wide eyed moment LOL Coreybeth
  2. I think a lot of people have thought of this and that's why you see the stuff on eBay that you see. But think about it....if Fendi/Chloe/Balenciaga/Chanel controls their supply as much as they do, limiting the number of stores per city that carry the bags, what is the liklihood they would open an account with an individual? It doesn't sound too likly to me....
  3. Good point - I guess I had my head in the clouds. I just get so frustated with sellers on ebay. I've been "had" a few times and some people drive the bids way to high. Finding a "sale" is next to impossible. I purchased a Coach and the seller showed an authentic handbag in the auction but shipped one with a Prada metal emblem, a Coach hangtag and a tag on the inside that read "made in China" I kid you not! I never received my money back and 3 other bidders and I kept in contact. The seller ended up registering several more times and continued to scam people!

    Thanks for the help,
  4. Hi Beth, first an foremost, welcome to the forums. Secondly, say hi to your hubby, being a nerd is perfectly fine *snicker*. I'm one myself.

    Regarding the wholesale - reselling authentic handbags can be a quite profitable business, but finding a reputable supplier of authentic goods for a good price is really really hard these days. I've tried before, but ended up with chinese fakes brokers left and right. I wish I could give you some leads and point you in the right direction, but I can't.

    I am not saying there is none - I am sure there is wholesellers tha specialize in imported designer goods, but without connections it will be tough to find em.
  5. Researching a good eBay seller is its own science! The bottom line is that there are no real steals out there. If the price seems too good to be believed, it probably is!
  6. Hi, I too have thought of doing this because I hold a business license. The way to do it is to go to market and prepurchase there but that is a big deal. If you talk to ayone who has a small boutique they can fill you in on this. I've been told that companys like Isabella fiore won't let you sell just on the internet, you have to have a physical store and I'm sure other companys are the same. I also sell on ebay, right now just coach and Isabella. I buy retail and sale and try to think ahead to what people will want that may not be available. If I had bought several Isabella Fiore Quilty pleasure hobos, I could have sold several at a small profit and made it so I could keep one for myself at half of retail. some people make money on ebay doing this, I just justify buying more handbags and I love shopping. In my real job I make a very good salary but there is nothing like the thrill of having someone buy your handbag that they have been looking everywhere for and they are so happy even if they have to pay slightly more than retail. Coach on the other hand I buy at the coach outlet and can usually provide good deals but there are a million fake coach sellers on ebay that people have to wade through. Next I'm looking at Chloe! My ebay seller name is moncox if anyone is looking.
  7. Furthermore, you'd have to create your own "small business" and all the tax work that goes along with it...
  8. Hi, this is my first post. Love this forum and blog!
    It is possible to find reputable suppliers, but does take a ton of research! I researched for 5 months before finding a few trustworthy and reputable sources. Mostly in Italy, some in the States. Some of my suppliers have high minimums, but others do not. Usually the higher minimums are the suppliers that have large stock of older season bags. Current season bags are lower minimum. Most of my suppliers get there bags directly from the outlets in Italy, authorized boutiques, or are authorized distributors that receive end of season or old season bags that the fashion houses need to liquidate.
    The fashion houses are very tight with their inventory, so it is hard to find true wholesale prices! Most are fakes from Asian, even the Italians are producing fakes in their manufacturing plants, especially the 'it' bags.
    Hope this helps, be very careful! You will probably be taken here and there, but that is just part of finding the reputable dealers. Also networking with other importers to get the scoop on suppliers, who to stear clear from, etc.
    Take care and Good luck!