Wholesale purchasing?????? :/

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  1. Has anyone ever bought anything from a wholesale website before? The products ship from china and they are extremely cheap, and almost too good to be true. One of my patient told me about this website that sells real nike shox and other items for as low as 30 dollars. I went on the site and saw they have UGG boots and coach shoes as well. Its hard to believe that the coach shoes are 35 dollars, and real!!! Give me your thoughts before I make a bad purchase.
  2. one word:


    Why would anyone buy from a store if this were legit? It's not.
  3. Thats what I figured!!! My patient told me shes bought many things from them and they have turned out fine. So idk i defenately am not gonna waste my money on "coach" shoes that I cant even see!!!
  4. I buy wholesale (non-designer) and I can tell you that those prices on designer items are too good to be true.
  5. either they're fakes or its a scam!
  6. They are fakes....definitely!
  7. yep, i'm pretty sure these things are too good to be true
  8. Ya I figured that. I was defenately skeptical when she told me about it......